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World War I Document Group

World War I document group for Evan T. Jones #2037635. Includes his Duty Status Leave Card, Certificate of Discharge Because Physically Deficient, Insurance Certificate from the Treasury Dept. and Notice of Call, Identity Card and to Appear for Physical Examination. Dates from 1917 to 1919. SALE $ 35.00

1866 Commission Appt.
for John S. Cooke
Signed by Assistant Adjutant General J. C. Kelton. Commission appoints John S. Cooke to Brevet Lieutenant Colonel of U.S. Volunteers. SALE $ 25.00
1862 General Order No. 59 War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, June 4, 1862. Publishing act of Congress "An Act to prevent and punish fraud on the part of officers intrusted with making contracts for the government." By Order of the Secretary of War: L. Thomas Adjutant General. SALE $15.00
1865 General Order No. 16 Headquarters Twenty-Fourth Army Corps in the Field, VA. Jan. 29th, 1865. Dissolves the Medical Board of which Surgeon Chas. M. Clark of the 29th Ill. Vols. is President. Appoints a Board of three Medical Officers, appointed in the Division.  All applicants for discharge, after Surgeon's certificate of disability and applications for sick leave must go before the board. By Command of Major General Gibbon. Edward Moale, Capt. 19th U.S. Inft'y, A.D.C. and A.A.A.G. SALE $15.00
1862 General Orders No. 16 Six page General Orders No. 16, Headquarters of the Army, Washington, February 18, 1862. Resolves around the reading of the Farewell Address of George Washington to the People of the United States to Congress, and other key members of the government as well as to the troops. By Command of Major General McClellan. SALE $15.00



Civil War
Special Orders 32
Albany NY
Hd. Qrs. Det. 2nd U.S.M. Albany, NY. (Troy Road Barracks) Nov. 19/65 Special Orders 32- Dress parade dispensed with until further notice. By Order of Major Ivan Tarlof Commanding. Signed by Ackerman 1st Lieut. and Actg. Adjt. "Hereafter at Retreat-roll calls all men will turn out under "Arms", and remain at "Parade-rest" while the rolls of the companies are being called by the 1st. Sergts. Commandants of Companies are enjoined to see that there men appear in the prescribed uniform, clean and properly adjusted on all occasions when on, or off, duty." SALE $ 30.00
Civil War Period
Adams Express
Company Bill
Harper's Ferry
Large blue printed receipt from the Harper Ferry's Va. office. Dated and stamped Apr. 12, 1865. Received of 1B Value Not given Marked H H Rulliman ... For the Company A(?) M Kirkland. Adams Express was the famous express forwarder of soldier's mail and freight. SALE $35.00
Mexican Border
1916 Roll of Honor
New Hampshire
For Co. E, 1st New Hampshire Infantry who chased Pancho Villa and his "bandits" in 1916. Laredo, Texas October 1916. Lists the officers (Captain Herbert H. Rouse, Commanding Company) , NCOs and privates. Also a brief description of the National Guard in Federal Service. Has nine military scenes/photos, flags, etc. all in color. SALE $40.00
Vermont Civil War
Pay Voucher
Printed Form No. 5, filled in with browned ink, seams reinforced with tape. Some edges rough (I have reinforced with archival document repair tape.) For "Joseph Cook, Pvt. discharged from C Company 4 Regiment of Vermont." Signed by J(?) M. Pomeroy, Paymaster U.S. Army, this 30 day of Dec. 1862, for $76.46. SALE $22.00
1856 request for Return
of Articles
"Office of Army Clothing and Equipage, Philadelphia, May 21st, 1856" "...turn over to me for transportaion and delivery the Office of the Quartermaster Department at Augusta Arsenal Georgaia". Signed by Major G. H. Crosman. Addressed to Capt. R. W. Potter, U.S.V. U.S. Army, Schuylkill Arsenal. SALE $20.00


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