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1865 Special Order No. 56
Headquarters Post Vet. Res. Corps Barracks, Albany, N.y>

In compliance with orders from Headquarters Military Districts of Northern & Western NY. Private Francis Bryant & Hermann Eckhart Company D 2nd Regt. U.S.V. Vols. are hereby detailed for dutyas Orderlies....and will report without delay to William Ruger Capt & A.A. General. By order of A Benson Rown Capt. VRC Comandg Post Eugene D. Dimmiick St. VRC & Post Adgt. SALE $40.00
1863 Final Statement
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Mathew Boice (?) a First Corporal of Captain James Burke of Company L of the 102 Regiment of Infantry Volunteers of the State of Pennsylvania... entitled to a discharge by reason of his having secured a commission as Second Lieut. SALE $25.00
1862 Pay Discharge
For "Valentine Imhoff, a Priavte of Captain ? Company E of the Second Regiment of Maryland Volunteers of the State of Maryland." Signed by 1st Lieut. James A Marti, Commanding Company. SALE $25.00
1865 Pay Voucher
Houston, Texas
For "Perry Handy" , for services rendered. dated February 17, 1865. Signed by Captain C.A. Garcelon (?) Assistant Quartermaster, U.S. Army. Approved by Lt. Col. E. H. Powell
SALE $25.00
1865 Troy Barracks
Withdrawal of Charges
Signed by A.A. Steinman 1st Lieut. 1st Regt. V.R.C. (Veteran Reserve Corps). Addressed to Capt. Wm. Ruger Asst. Adjt-General. "On account of the previous good character of Sergt. Roderick Beers, G Co., 2nd Regt., U.S. Vet. Vols. as stated to me by his Superior Officers and at their urgent request...." SALE $35.00
1864 Pay Voucher Pa Voucher for James Brown Co. D 1st Regt. of Lousiana Co. Received of Major E. Robie, Paymaster U.S. Army. Brown was killed in action Sabine Cross Roads, LA April , 1864. SALE $25.00
State of Illinois
1865 Voucher with Certification

For William Gillson, Capt. 4th Ill. Inf. for pay due. Certification states that he turned over all government propoerty except for ordnance store lost during the second quarter of 1865 and this quarter. Signed by James Hall, Capt. 1st U.s. Cavalry, Mustering and Disbursing Officer. Dated July 1th, 1865 Springfield, Ill. Signed by William Gillson as well. SALE $35.00
1864 Voucher for Patrick
Cummings due prior to
For Patrick Cummings, originally from Ireland, who elisted at New York by Lieut. Cogswell. He is entitled to discharge for the purpose of re-enlisting.. Signed by ? Franck E Taylor, 1st Lieut. 1st U.S. Arty, Commanding Company. Signed in New Orleans, LA. SALE $20.00
1865 U.S.C.I.
Sherman Letter
Request to furnish tranpsortation for Lieut. Hollahan to New Orleans to join his command. Addressed to Capt. Poor. A.J.M. by command of Col. James Shaw Jr. Signed by Geo. R. Sherman Capt. 7th US. C.I./A.A.A.G. SALE $60.00
1864 Discharge Voucher due prior
to Renlishment
Signed bt Franck E. Taylor it is an 1864 pay voucher for Ludwig Rupprecht, a bugler of Capt. H.W. Closson's Company L of the 1st Regt. of the U.S. Artillery.Originally from Prussia. Pay for the purposes of re-enlistment. Signed in New Orleans, LA. SALE $25.00

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