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Cavalry Definitions

Three pages of penned Cavalry Definitions: Rank, Files, Two's, Fours, Platoons Company etc. defined on the pages and more. Has embossed corner upper left. Penned in ink. SALE $20.00
1868 Letter for Col. Bradhead,
Boston, MA

Letter sent from James Pike, from Newcastle, N.H. dated Nov. 20, 1868 to Col. D.D. Bradhead. Mentions a generous proposal the General made him for which he enclosed $100, with another $150 to follow. HAs embossed upper left hand corner. SALE $ 35.00
DOC12-O290 1865 Monthly Return of Quartermaster Stores
of Prov. N.Y. Cors.
Received, issued, and remaining on hand at Fredericksburg,VA in the Month of September, 1865 by Capt. GIles E. Regynolds, Capt. Co. "D" 4 Prov. N.Y. Cors.- Returned Copy. 8 pages. SALE $45.00
1939 Transfer for
Major Alfred Like Lennon
Transfer upon reaching the age of 64 from the Quartermaster Corps Reserve to the Inactive Reserve. Lennon address is listed as Brooklyn, N.Y. SALE $20.00
98- 567
1878 N.Y. Medical Purveying Depot
Invoice of Hospital Supplies Issued

"Voucher No. 1 1st Quarter 1878. Station: Medical Purveying Depot New York, Jan. 10th, 187. F. O'Donnoghue. Capt. And Med. Storekeeper. Invoice of Hospital Supplies Issued to S.M. Norton Surgeon, U.S.A. Fort McHenry, Md." Contained in 17 packages. In addition to the 8 page printed form, has Additional articles " lagels for vials, powder boxes, Pills quinine sulph, pills morphia sulph, meat juice, Cyclo. of the Pract. of Med., Lieuissen's (?) Vols. 15 & 16". SALE $40.00
1854 Draft on the Co.
Treasurer for Services
"Auburn Jany 10th 1854 Major FM (?) King- Sir- enclosed I sen dyou a draft on the Co. Treasurer for 2 days services as Judge Advocate. Respectfully, J Segoine(?) Brig Gen 23rd Brigade SALE $20.00
1863 Muster & Descriptive
Roll 26th Regiment of U.S. Colored Troops

"Muster and Decriptive Roll of a Detachment of United States Volunteers, Forwarded by Capt. John Lyons Pro Mar for the 26rg Regiment of U.S. Col Troops via Rendz at Harts Island NY Pursuant to Circular No. 96 dated Pro Mar Office Washington D.C. Oct. 23 1863." For Cihard Dixson, Private. "I Certify, on honor, that this Muster and Descriptive Roll is correct and that it exhibits the true statement of this Detachment of Recruits forwarded this day to Genl Rende Harts Island N.Y. and that he has been mustered in in accordance with mustering regulations. Station: Kingston, Date Apl 13th, 1865 John Lyons, Capt and Pro Mar 13 Dist N.Y., Superintendent." Two-sided document, approximately 31" long, folded.

SALE $85.00
1866 Texas Special Order No. 26 1866 U.S. Army Headquarters Eastern District of Texas Special Order No. 26 written in Houston, Texas in Feb. 1866. Ordering Capt. D.L. Proudfit, 10th U.S. Colored Troops, to staff duty at Headquarters. Signed "By Order of Lt. Col. E Powell, H.K. Taylor?". Entirely handwritten in ink. Approximately 7-3/4" x 9-1/2" overall. SALE $45.00
1862 New Jersey
Discharge Pay Voucher

1862 Form No. 5 to Pvt. J.P. Schwab, discharged from F Company 11 Regiment of New Jersey Volunteers. Pay from 11 of July 1862 to 21 of Dec. 1862- Received of J.M. Pomeroy, Paymaster U.S. Army, thie 26th day of Dec. 1862, Seventy eight dollars and fifty-two cents. Signed by John P. Schwab. SALE $35.00

1863 Pay Voucher
for Col. Charles C. Smith,
10th Ohio Cav.

For pay for the period of February 24, 1862 to February 28, 1862 (5 days). "I certifu on honor I acquittd my Commission as Colonel of the 10 Ohio Vol. Cav. this twenty-thrd day of February, 1863, Cha. C. Smith Col. 10th O.V.C. Includes description and pay for two servants. Signed by Paymaster McIntire. SALE $40.00

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