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Camp & Garrison
Equipage List
109 Infantry Regiment U.S.C.T. 1865
No. 27 List of Camp & Garrison Equipage, Transferred by Capt. John F. Lamures(?) 109 U.S.C.T. to Capt. Leander A. Poor Asst. Quartermaster, U.S. at Indianola, Texas on the 14th Day of November, 1865. For 24 shelter tents- condemned. SALE $80.00
General Orders No. 13, Manila, P.I. March 20, 1905 Identifies the list of articles to be carried in the blanket roll, a system for laying out contents of blanket rolls and the equipments for inspection in shelter tent camps and the preparation of bunks in quarters, the proceedings are herewith published for the information and government of the Regiment and the system herein prescribed will be strictly observed. With three pictures, approx. 5 x 8" overall. SALE $15.00
1898 Washington Barracks Hospital Corps Letter Lined paper, folded in half to make four sides....Talks about leaving Boston getting to Washington, being measured and then what he received for his uniform. Refers to drilling 3 times a day and then studying the different bandaging, nursing and the way to keep hospital in a good healthy condition. Speaks of a visit to Camp Alger and the hope that "they" get called to Camp Alger. "There are 75 mend here now but they are going and coming. Yesterday 4 men were sent to No. Carolina the other day, 24 to some other camp and another day some 3 or 4 to Fort Myers.: SALE $65.00.
Indiana Volunteer
Signal Corps Envelope
Printed envelope for Chas. T. MacIntire. Printed "United States Army, Indiana Volunteer Signal Corps, Chas. T. MacIntire, Capt. MacIntire served at camp Cuba Libre in Jacksonville, FL in 1898. SALE$ 15.00
Signal Corps, 7th Army Corps
Absent from Camp Pass
Blank pass for Signal Corps, 7th Army Corps, Camp Cuba Libre in Jacksonville, FL. B Command of Lt. Col. J.E. Maxfield. Dated for year 1898. SALE $15.00
1857 Letter regarding rental fee for Hall "Cohoes, May 7, 1857" "Maj. ??? Baker" Mentions that an attorney is filing a suit against the major. Also list that Granite Hall is rented as follows: Hall to Military Co. for $75. per year...directed to R.W Baker Fort Ann..." SALE $5.00
Civil War Army & Soldier's
Package Express Receipt
Receipt for "Adams Express Company Boston, Army and Soldiers Package Express." Dated "Oct. 3, 1863". Received of Tom R??? ... Marked Dr. S. K. Towl(e)  3 Maj.  B.Rouge La." Large yellow preprinted form, filled in by hand, measuring approx. 5 1/4" x 10" overall. SALE $20.00
Civil War Army & Soldiers Package Express Receipt Receipt for "Adams Express Company Boston, Army and Soldiers Package Express." Dated "Apl. 8 1865", Received of "Soldiers Relief one Bdl Marked Mjs M.M. Stall (Hall?). Naval School Hos. to be forwarded by this company to Annapolis M.D." Large yellow form, measuring approx. 5" x 9" overall. SALE $20.00
Monthly Return of Clothing, Camp and Garrison Equipage Form July, 1865 Form No. 51, Monthly Return of Clothing, Camp and Garrison Equipage. Received and issued at Camp Stoneman Md. by Capt. John O' Connell, Captain Co. E. 2d. Regiment U.S. Vet. Volunteers, July, 1865. (Detained) Signed on back to certify the return, Albany, N.Y. August 5, 1865. Filled out in ink. SALE $15.00


1864 Voucher for a Surgeon
with the 3 Wisconsin Vol. Inf.
pixpic Pay voucher for O. F. Bartlett, Surgeon 3rd Regt. Wisconsin Vet. Volunteers. For his pay and that for his two private servants, one Samuel Davis of black complexion, and one Parico Hogan of white complexsion. For the period from November 1863 to June 1864. "I hereby certify, on honor, that I am on Leave of Absence for 20 Days on Surgeon's Certificate of Disability by Authority of Special Order No. 73 date Chattanooga July 16, 1864 Headquarters od Dept. of the Cumberland by command of Maj. Genl. Thomas. SALE $ 80.00

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