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Late Indian Wars Period Photograph of Cannon and Caisson Unmounted photograph of a cannon and caisson with horses grazing behind. Also saddles to the right of caisson, sitting on bar. There are conical tents in the distance to the right. $35.00
SALE $25.00
Indian Wars Period Cabinet Photograph
Norfolk Infantry
He wears the five button blouse, holding his kepie with "NI"
 in wreath insignia. Taken by H.F. Maneely, Artist of Norfolk, Va. Cor, Mann and Church Sts.
SALE $32.00
Indian Wars Period Cabinet Photograph of a National Guard Corporal He wears his dress uniform. Marked on back in pencil "Herbert Stevens." Image has been touched up by hand with gold markings. $35.00
SALE $28.00
Late Indian Wars Period
8th Cavalry Cabinet Photograph
  Comic 8th Cavalry Cabinet Photograph of eight newly shaved heads of the "Bald Headed Eight of Troop I", all with faces down to show the top of their heads. "They were ashamed to face it in this one but ever be seen." Gives names and home state of each individual. Taken by "York & Co. of Junction City, Kansas. Came from a lot of photos from Fort Riley of Troop I.  SALE $30.00
Indian Wars
Demi- Cabinet Photograph
Photograph of 1st "Lieut. R.D. Hansen." Addressed to young lady, with compliments. He wears the five button jacket with 1st Lts. shoulder straps and his kepie. He plays with a small dog. $ 40.00
SALE $ 32.00
Cabinet Photograph
of a Massachusetts
National Guard  Lieut.
Shows a Lieut. of the Boston Light Infantry, wearing dress belt with "BLI" cross plate and belt buckle also with "BLI". Wearing epaulets as well and shows chevrons on sleeve.. Image take by McFadden of Boston.  $40.00
SALE $32.00
Indian Wars Period
Officer Portrait
Shows an officer wearing the white pith helmet with spike and helmet plate. Has sword hanging from his belt and wears his gloves and sash. Has two medals on his coat. Taken by Sarony of 37 Union Sq., N.Y. Marked "Harry Edwards" on the back. $40.00
SALE $32.00 
Indian Wars Period
Carte de Visite
Penna Bugler
Carte de Visite photograph of a Pennsylvania National Guard Bugler, holding his trumpet, circa 1870's. He is dressed in the typical 1870's uniform- a dark blue triple breasted coatee with epaulets. Shows a shako with a wreath and drooping feather. Marked on the back "Sam'l. B. Fluke, Photographer, Woodbury, Pa." $30.00
SALE $24.00 

Cabinet Photograph of
7th Militia NY. Soldier

Taken by Pach Bros. 841 B'way N.Y. Shows him in uniform with epaulets, crossbelts with "7" and helmet with "&" helmet plate. $30.00
SALE $24.00 

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