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Set of Four
Rotogravure Photos

1- Group of three officers  wearing officer's jacket with Inf. and USV insignia. All wear garrison cap with eagle and hold their sword.
2-Three 1st USV Inf. officers with spiked Inf. helmets and swords. Helmets all have eagle plates. All have swords on their belts.
3-Camp Scene for the 6th USV Inf. showing officers, NCOs and privates.
4-Three officers with kepies and officers jackets with "6" on the collar. Kepies have crossed rifles and "6". All hold their sword
SALE $120.00
Indian Wars Period
Cabinet of a Private
He wears the five button blouse and kepie with crossed rifles with"1" and "L" in angles (Co. L 1st Inf.) Has small blemishes to image (edge and leg of soldier). Taken by Webster of Oakland, Cal. $40.00
SALE $32.00
Indian Wars Period Cabinet of a Private in the Maine National Guard A private, he wears the dress triple breasted frock coat with epaulets. Taken by H.E. Wight of Saccarappa. Saccarappa is now known as Westbrook, Maine. $32.00
SALE $25.00
Oversize Albumen Photograph of Six NCO's Show six NCO's, all wearing the 1880 dress uniform with spike topped dress helmet with eagle plates. They stand in front of a tent. Has "Wilcox" and 1881 date on back. $ 40.00
SALE $32.00
Cabinet Photograph of
"1st Lieut. Maurice
B. Herts"
Identified as "1st Lieut. Maurice B. Herts, Co. F, 9th Regt. N.Y.S. (in the) Summer Full Dress." He stands in front of his tent, showing the gear and furniture inside. He holds sword and wears a medal and spiked helmet. from my personal collection. $ 50.00
SALE $40.00
Indian Wars Ferrotype of a Soldier "FCR" He wears a coatee and matching pants and has "FCR" (first California Regiment) on his kepie. Studio portrait. $ 60.00
SALE $ 45.00
1880's Cabinet Photograph of a Private in the Mass. Vol. Militia He wears a dress uniform with Marksman's badge and bullet, on the breast. Taken by "Hussey Lynn, Mass." $ 30.00
SALE $24.00
Indian Wars Cabinet
Photograph of a Sergeant of the 23rd N.Y.N.G.
He wears his fancy dress uniform with epaulets, chevrons, aiguillette and medal. Has embroidered cartouche insignia on collar. Signed and dated "B.E.M. Oct. 1887." Taken by Fredericks of N.Y. $ 40.00
SALE $32.00
Indian Wars Cabinet
Photograph of Phillip H. Sheridan.
Wearing the general's frock coat with two rows of twelve staff buttons, grouped in threes. He wears his general's shoulder straps. Taken by Bell of Washington, D.C.
SALE $100.00
Indian Wars Cabinet
Photograph of General Phillip H. Sheridan
Wearing his general's frock coat with two rows of twelve staff buttons, grouped in threes. He wears his general's shoulder knots and aiguillette, and his gold Sheridan's cavalry corps badge. Small scrape lower tight side. Taken in Chicago by Rocher, circa 1880's. Inscribed "Given to G.H. Dauchy by Gen. Sheridan." $ 80.00
SALE $60.00

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