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Indian Wars Period
Plate Ferrotype
Shows picture of father with two children. He wears a kepie with engineers castle and undress uniform. Rubber band in picture is holding gilt frame around gilt mat, glass and image since bottom have is missing. SALE $50.00
Indian wars Period
Sixth Plate Ferrotype
of Two Officers
Shows two officers, both with kepies. One wears a five button blouse the other a double breasted nine blouse (major to colonel.) Sixth plate ferrotype with gilt frame and border. SALE $70.00
Circa 1880's
Sixth plate ferrotype of six National Guard
Shows six National guards in uniform and kepies. One in the back row center has a medal pinned to the front of his uniform. With gilt frame and border. SALE $45.00
Indian Wars Period Cabinet Photograph
of a Lieut. or Capt. of Cavalry
Wearing the frock coat with cavalry officer's eagle "C" buttons and the gold bullion helmet cord. Taken by Pack of N.Y.C., who was also the official West Point Photographer. Image cropped to fit in frame/album. $ 70.00
SALE $ 55.00
Indian Wars Ferrotype of a Young Soldier A handsome young man, he wears the five button blouse and is holding his kepie. Approx. 2"x 3" in size. $ 60.00
SALE $ 45.00
Circa 1890's Cabinet
Photograph of 3rd U.S. Inf. Co. L. Soldier
He wears the five button blouse with horizontal gold bullion strap encircling left arm above the elbow. He wears the model 1894 garrison cap with 3rd Infantry insignia. Taken by G. Siebeck of St. Paul. $ 45.00
SALE $35.00
Indian Wars
Autographed Cabinet Photograph of Col. George David Ruggles
Col. George David Ruggles, Asst. Adjutant General (Brevet. Brigadier General -twice- for gallantry and meritorious service at Richmond & Northern Va., in the Civil War.) He wears the officer's five button jacket, with bird colonel shoulder straps. Circa 1889. He became a General of Volunteers. Pencil marks (light) on image where photo was to be cropped. $ 80.00
SALE $65.00
Indian Wars Tintype of
Two U.S. Army Hospital Stewards
Tintype (Ferrotype) of two U.S. Army Hospital Stewards with "US" in wreath on their kepis. A studio portrait, they are wearing five button jackets. approximately 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" overall. SALE $ 75.00
Identified Indian
Wars Cabinet
Photograph of
 Corporal of NH Militia
Identified on back in pencil as Corp Fred L. Allen. He wears the dress uniform with chevrons and shoulder knots. Taken by Wallace of 64 Hanover Street in Manchester N.H. $ 35.00
SALE $ 28.00
Ferrotype of an Indian War Artillery Private

   He wears the five button blouse and his kepie with crossed cannon insignia is on the table at his side. Paper frame is damaged in corner but does not affect the the ferrotype. Back of frame is stamped "Colwell Lane Ferro Photographer $1.50 per dozen Red Bank Longbranch N.J."    $ 70.00
SALE $55.00

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