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Indian Wars Period
Cabinet Photograph
21st N.Y. Infantry
Identified on back as Pvt. William Irwin it was taken by J.R. Alliso of Lansingburgh, N.Y. He wears dress coat with "21" on each collar. Also wears kepie with "21" on front. Faded image. SALE $35.00
Cabinet Photograph
of a Captain
of Artillery,
Mass. Vol. Militia
Circa 1892, he wears the double breasted seven button frock coat with shoulder knots. He has a 179th Artillery medal on his coat. Taken in Newburyport. See photo of same man below. $ 60.00
SALE $45.00
U.S. Army
Indian Wars Officer Cabinet Photograph
He wears the five button jacket with officer's eagle buttons. Has "Light 1st Lt." on back. Taken in Toledo, Ohio by Nickelson. $ 48.00
SALE $35.00
Circa 1890's Indian
Wars Period
Cabinet Photograph
of a Sergeant
Shows a sergeant of the 1st N.Y. Inf. Co. K. He wears the five button blouse with piped collar and sergeant chevron. He also has three N.Y. National Guard medals/ Has model 1894 garrison cap with crossed rifles, "1" above and "K" below. Taken in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. $ 70.00
SALE $55.00
Indian Wars Cabinet
Photograph of a
1st Lieut. in the Mass.
Vol. Militia.
He wears the double breasted, seven button frock coat with two cuff tabs and 1st Lieut. shoulder knots. He holds his staff and field sword. His kepie is on the table at left. Taken by Morrill  in Lowell, MA. $ 60.00
SALE $48.00
Autographed Indian
Wars Cabinet Photograph of Capt. Pat King, 9th Mass. Inf.
Photograph of Capt. Pat King, 9th Mass. Infantry (later a Captain in the Boston Police.) He wears the five button blouse jacket with Mass militia buttons and1st Lieut. stripes. His kepie has an embroidered cross rifles with "9" above. Identified in ink on image, autographed on back "Compliments of P.F. King. To John J. Smith March 6th/89." $ 75.00
SALE $60.00
Ferrotype of Four Cavalry National Guardsmen They all wear the Huzzar style uniform with shakos. Two have cavalry sabers. 2" x 3" in size. Taken outdoors, in front of erected backdrop. $ 120.00
SALE $ 100.00
Small Albumen Photograph of a Man Wearing a Campaign Hat Shows crossed sabers insignia on the front of his hat. In a cardboard mat, with circular opening. 2"x 3" overall. $ 50.00
SALE $40.00
Ferrotype of a Corporal in Dress Uniform He wears the dress uniform, shako with drooping feather plume and belt buckle with large "D". 2"x 3" in size. $ 125.00
SALE $100.00
Cabinet Photograph
of U.S. Army Chaplain Williams
Taken in Cleveland by "Theo. Endean 122 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, O." Shows a young man in undress officers jacket with frogging on the chest. It is inscribed on back "Bishop Williams as a young man." $ 60.00
SALE $45.00

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