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Indian Wars Period
Pvt. in Mass. Militia
Shows a Private in the Mass. Militia in the Model 1182 dress uniform. Taken by E.C. Goldsmith & Co. of Springfield, Mass. SALE $35.00
Indian Wars
Second Regiment
Foot Soldier
Cabinet Photograph
He wears his dress uniform with epaulets and white belts. His belt plate has "SRF", his cross belt plate has entwined letters. Taken in Boston by Mc Fadden. $ 50.00
Photograph of a Private of Artillery.
He wears the Model 1880 dress jacket with full red collar and red shoulder straps. Taken in Clinton, Mass. by Helmold, 61 Mechanic Street. $ 40.00
Indian Wars
Second Lieut. in a Cabinet Photograph
He wears the frock coat with 2nd Lt. shoulder knots, dress sword belt with large buckle and holds his field and staff sword. Taken in Pawtucket, R.I. by Salisbury. $50.00
Indian Wars First Lieut. Cabinet Photograph
He wears the dress frock coat with 1st Lieut.'s shoulder knots, an adjutants aiguillette and three medals. He also wears a dress belt with eagle buckle and holds his kepie in his left hand. Taken in Lynn Mass. by Wires. He is 1st Lt. N. Horner Burnhaim. $ 50.00
Indian Wars Sergeant in a Cabinet Photograph He wears a blue jacket with herringbone braid frogging, sergeants chevrons and shoulder knots. He has seven medals on his chest, a sword belt with eagle buckle and he holds his NCO sword. Taken by Ritz of Boston, it has an 1881 date in the label. $ 50.00
Early Indian Wars
U.S. Army Sergeant in an Albumen Cabinet Photograph
He wears the five button blouse with sergeant chevrons and eagle buttons. Taken by Albright & Bernard photographers. With an Egyptian motive on the back. $ 35.00
SALE $25.00
A Colonel of the Rhode Island Militia He wears the five button jacket with eagle shoulder straps. He wears his kepie with "RI" wreath insignia on the front. Taken by P.H. Rosen of Providence, R.I., it has an 1886 date in label. $ 55.00
Second Lieut.
of the First Conn. Regiment (Governor's Guard) Cabinet Photograph
He wears the frock coat with 2nd Lieut. shoulder knots, with a large silver "1" and has two medals on his chest. Taken in Hartford, Conn. by Stuart. $ 50.00
Field Artillery
Officer in a Cabinet Photograph
He wears the frock coat with field cannon insignia on each side of his collar. Taken by J.W. Black & Co. of Boston, Mass. $ 45.00

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