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Civil War Period
Fork and Knife Combination Set
Wood case with brass rims around base of utensils/wood case opening. mutiple rivets in case. Knife blade marked with image of screw and "Jere" Fork is three tined. Each slides into the handle of the other. Typical utensil set carried by the soldier in his knapsack. SALE $45.00
Civil War Period
Shepherd & Riley's Savings Bank
Twenty Dollars
"Sums of Twenty Dollars and upwards received on deposit for the best bargains in everything in the Staioners, & Book Seller Line Wholesale & Retail- Washington, D.C. Corner of 7th and D sts." Military Works. Prayer Nookd and Bibles. SALE $50.00

Civil War/Indian Wars
Period Possibles Tin

Possible tins (boxes) were used for tobacco, snuff, spice, etc. Hin.ed tole tin container, approx. 3.25" x 2.15" x3/4" $65.00
SALE $50.00
Civil War Period
Briar Pipe

Carvd bow and stem. Two feet on the bottom of the bow to keep it from turning over when put down. Approx. 4.5" long. $65.00
SALE $50.00
Civil War Period
Meercchaum Pipe Bowl
and Case
Bowl of pipe is shaped in a hand holding the bowl. The sleeve of the hand has been cracked and repaired, also missing one finger. Has no mouthpiece. In fitted case with red interior lining. Case is approx. 4.75" overall length. Push button latch to open. $75.00
SALE $60.00

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