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Civil War Period
Pewter Mirror
Circular pewter case, approx. 2 1/2" in diameter, typical for the period, carried by soldiers. Two pieces, it has a wire stand. Paper purple liner inside. Back has a wreath with "E.P.PAris" embossed on theback. $85.00
SALE $70.00
Civil War Knife and Fork Set Ivory/bone handles with cross inset piece of pewter on front and back of handle. Pewter 3 tine fork. Knife is marked "American Cutlery Company" on the blade. Knife 9" long, fork 8" long. $ 50.00
SALE $ 40.00
Civil War Period "Housewife" Typical "Housewife" or sewing kit. Small leather case, embossed on outside with "Blood's Patent Helix Needles. Cloth Stuck." Has red leather pockets inside, containing needles and places for thread. Includes two packets of needles and large "pins". Used by soldiers for mending. $ 85.00
SALE $70.00
Civil War Period
 Percussion Cap Pouch
Leather cap pouch stamped with "US" on the front. Two belt loops, brass latch nub. No pick, no wool. Front latch leather closure strap broken off and missing. Leather extremely stiff. $ 125.00
SALE $ 100.00
Pocket Compass Brass case with cover and locking mechanism pin on side. Marked "Made in France". 1 5/8" in diameter. $ 85.00
SALE $70.00
Civil War Percussion
Caps & Tin
1 3/8" diameter brass tin, " high. With "100 Hicks Caps G.D." on the cover and "MFG' By Waterbury Brass Co. Waterbury Conn." on bottom. full of caps. $ 35.00
Civil War Period Primer Tin Japanned tin case, 2" diameter, 1" height, with paper label "500 Berdan Primers. Extra Strength. For Candle Practice Only. Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Bridgeport Conn." tin empty (view of lid only). $ 30.00
SALE $24.00

Civil War Period Tobacco "Twist" This roll of tobacco leaves would be crumbled and smoked in a pipe. Similar to Lord's Vol. I pg. 280. Twists were the common form of tobacco but few survive. Last one with different shape than the one in photo, not in as good shape as the photo (crumbling). $ 35.00
SALE $30.00
Civil War Military Patent Polish Wooden box with contents. Paper label "Patent Polish by Wm. F. Pratt, Petersboro, N.H.- For Cleaning and Polishing silver and... Military Equipments, Harness and Carriage Trimmings... Price, 12 1-2 cts. per box." Approx. 2" diameter, 4 3/8" high. $ 75.00
SALE $ 60.00
Civil War Period Meerschaum,
Wood and Horn Pipe

Meerschaum bowl, wood stem and horn mouthpiece (mouthpiece is loose).Aproximately 10.5" lonf overall. $90.00
SALE $ 65.00

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