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1870's Period Leather Pocketbook Tri fold leather wallet marked "Made by Emil Weissbrod Excelsior" on inside. Additional foldout for paper money in the center with strap. Has name written (can't make out) but can see "Hancock, Mass." Emil Weissbrod was located in Massachusetts- at Montague Center with his pocket-book and wallet manufactory. He is mentioned in the 1879 "History of the Connecticut Valley in Mass." by Everts. SALE $65.00
Civil War Period
H. Milward & Sons Needles
Black folded package of "H. Milward & Sons Washford Needle Mills England  Patent Helix Needles Sharps No. 4". "J.F. Milward Sole Agent 1857 Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." With 15 needles inside. Has small advertising inside where needles are "Use Clark's Trademark O.N.T. Spool Cotton It is the Best". $ 10.00
SALE $8.00
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Civil War Soldier's Pocket match "Safe" or Case Gutta purcha (thermoplastic) book shaped case with hinged top and bottom to extract matches at either end. Has ribbed surface on "page" side to strike matches. $ 85.00
SALE $ 70.00
Deck of Civil
War Period
Playing Cards for
the Game of Bazique
Made by the famous Samuel Hart & Co., the patented counter has a March 1864 date on it. Thirty two cards plus the counter. Shows use. $ 150.00
SALE $125.00
Shoulder Scale Epaulet Brass "fish scale" epaulet, worn to protect the shoulders from saber cuts. Type with hollow pad backs. Issued to enlistedmen cavalry, dragoons, mounted rifles and light artillery. These "mounted shoulder scales" were originally issued to NCO's but later to all mounted enlistedmen. Showing use (dented). A single. See The Horse Soldier Vol. II pg. 11. $ 95.00
SALE $ 80.00
Civil War Period Pasteboard Box for Uniform Button Rings 1" x 1" x " high, with printed paper label "100 Button Rings. Silvered. No. 1." Still contains a few of the rings used to fasten buttons to the uniform. $ 38.00
SALE $32.00
Civil War Period Officer's Pocket Map Reading
Magnifying Glass
Brass frame with a 1" diameter lens and a four sided hollow handle. 4" overall. Used to read the fine print and details on maps, when eye glasses would be impractical. The type of item that Lord mentions as being carried over into Post War private life use, and therefore not preserved. $ 125.00
SALE $100.00
Civil War Field Signal Lantern Made of japanned tole sheet metal ("tin"). With bull's eye lens mounted on a hinge door. Folding wire handles and belt hook. See Lord's CW  Encyclopedia III pg. 73. $ 175.00
Civil War Lincoln-Horse Artillery Plaque
Made of cast iron, approx. 11" x13", it has a cut out silhouette of Abe Lincoln which is now covered by a mirror. The "Frame" is a horse shoe with crossed cannons at the bottom (horse artillery). There are 13 stars on the shoe. A very different type of artillery memorabilia. $ 75.00
Confederate "Tin" Canteen A small drum type canteen, with swelled front. It is approx. 2" wide, 4" diam. with a single 2" belt slide on back and a screw on cap spout. Similar to many in Chap. II of Civil War Canteens. $ 200.00
SALE $160.00

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