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Civil War Period
Pistol Cartridge Box

Black leather, with belt loops. Approximately 6" x 4.5" x 1.25" overall. There is nothing inside. Brass finial and closure tab intact. $225.00
SALE $ 185.00
Civil War Period
Ink Bottle
Triangular glass bottle for a desk. Has Co. design on stopper and embossed name on glass ("A. Simonson") A. Simonson started out in Ct. than moved to New York. SALE $50.00
Civil War Period
Sword Sling
Black webbing (almost 2" wide) with black leather frog. For the non-commissioned officer or musician's sword. Leather ripped on back of frog but there. $ 80.00
SALE $ 65.00
Civil War Ink
Sander with 8th Corps Insignia on top
Light colored fruit wood with large dish top. A six pointed star 8th corps badge is drilled into the dish face, for sand to shake from. Special ink absorbing sand was sprinkled from the holes on to the wet document, absorbing excess ink. The sand was then poured back into the sander for the next use. We have several similar types with plain hole patterns. $ 85.00
SALE $ 70.00
Civil War Traveling Ink Well Approximately 2 1/8" high x 1 1/8" diameter. Wood with screw off top, glass ink liner. Have several, very similar. $ 65.00
SALE $50.00
Pair of Civil War Officer's Field Glasses Typical black finish, they are leather covered on the body. Eyepieces marked "E.B. Meyrowitz New York" and "LeMaire Fabt. Paris". Stands 7" high. $ SOLD

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Civil War Horn NCO Whistle Nicely carved horn whistle, used by the non-com to call his company together. We have several similar. $ 65.00
SALE $ 50.00
Civil War Period
Dentrice & Gums
Wooden box
Small wooden box with lid, approximately 1-3/4" in diameter. Has paper label with "Dentrice Teeth and Gums" "Greenwin Dentist". Made like a small Shaker box pinned on the edge of both the lid and box.
SALE $60.00
Civil War Sword
White webbing (2" wide) with white enameled leather sword frog. For non-commissioned officer or musician's sword. Needs crossbelt plate, available separately. $ 100.00
SALE $ 80.00

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