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1904 Roster for the Seventh U.S. Infantry Roster of Non-Commissioned Officers of the Seventh U.S. Infantry-Colonel Daniel Cornman- January 15, 1904. Headquarters Seventh Infantry, Santa Mesa Garrison, Manila, P.I., January 15, 1904. Includes Station of Companies in back and signed by A. young, Sergeant Major 7th Infantry
SALE $ 10.00
WWI Period
American-French Catalogue from the Military Sales Corporation. 48 pages, with back cover with Army Commands in  both English and French. Entire catalog is presented in  both English and French. with $ 15.00
SALE $ 12.00
Civil War Period
Card "Commanders of the Federal Army"
Wood engraving on cardboard of Commanders of the Federal Army showing the following: A. Lincoln, Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy; George McClellan, General in Chief of the U.S.A.; Gen. A.E. Burnside; Maj. Gen. Wool; Maj. Gen. Mansfield; Maj. Gen. Butler; Maj. Gen. McCall; Maj. Gen. Dix; Maj. Gen. Halleck; Maj. Gen. Banks; and Gen. T.W. Sherman. Card fragile, some document repair tape on tears. Corners rough. Approx. 4 7/8" x 7 7/8" $32.00
SALE $25.00
Indian Wars "Table of Daily Rates of Pay of Officers of the Army" Printed form approx. 8 x 17 1/2" overall. Lists pay rates for monthly or number of days served in the month. From General down to 2nd Lieut. Not Mounted. Monthly pay rates matches 1887 pay table on the Official Register of the United States for 1887. $ 16.00
SALE $12.00
Color Plate Uniforms of the Army by Ogden

Done by Henry A. Ogden, it shows the following soldier in uniform: Cavalry, Private Full Dress; Hospital Corps, Private, First Class Full Dress; Signal Corps, Sergeant Full Dress; Infantry, Private Service Uniform; Coast Artillery Corps, Sergeant Full Dress; Quartermaster Corps, Sergeant Full Dress. Reverse side  is page 23 and 26 of booklet, talking about recruiting Depot (24 & 25 being the plate) and enlistment myths. $15.00

SALE $10.00

WWI Period American Expeditionary
 Forces Distinctive
Cloth Insignia Poster
Large color poster showing the American Expeditionary Forces Distinctive Cloth Insignia for: Armies (3), Corps(1-9) and Divisions(1-7,26-30, 32-38, 40-42, 77-83, 85-93). Marked at bottom "Reprinted Mobile Topographical Unit, 29th Engineers."15" x 27" approx. overall, folded. $ 25.00
SALE $20.00
1904 Programme of the Department of Infantry Competition
Rizal, Philippine Islands
Programme of the Department of Infantry Competition, Department of Luzon, 1904, with instructions for competitors, etc. Brigadier General George M. Randall, U.S. Army, Commanding Department. Fort William McKinley, Rizal, Philippine Islands May 20th to 26th 1904. Inscribed "Sergt Shaffer M 7th" on the top of the cover. Includes Program of Firing, Competitors, etc. Sergeant James Shaffer is listed under Distinguished Marksmen. $20.00
SALE $15.00
Programme Army Infantry Competition 1902 Programme Army Infantry Competition Held at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, August 1902. With Programme of Firing, Names of competitors (Shaffer of Co. M, 7th Infantry is listed as 1st for total scores.) and rules and regulations. $20.00
SALE $ 16.00
Expert Rifleman's Test Card for Shooter

Has Shafer" listed as rifleman and the number of hits written in pencil. The reverse side has "The Battle Sight Corresponds to an Elevation at 5520 Yards" for expert test. It also lists "Target Supply Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. at the bottom. $18.00
SALE $15.00
General Orders No. 25, Headquarters Department of California, 1902 Aug. 8, 1902, San Francisco, Cal. listing competitors having made the highest aggregate scores in the Department Infantry Competition, for 1902. Listing Sergeant Jame Shafer as Gold Medal winner. By Command of Major General Hughes: B.C. Morse Captain, 17th Infantry, Acting Assistant Adjutant General. with stamped seal "Official Copy." $20.00
SALE $15.00

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Descriptions are from Jacques Jacobsen.