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1891Drill Regulations of Infantry
Signed by N.H. Boutwell

"The New Drill Regulations of Infantry." With "Company This must not be taken out of the Room D.J. Shwwn(?) Capt." "Sheridan Guards John M Boutwell" "Manchester High School Cadets" in browned ink. Stained and some roough spots on the cover page. 31 pages. SALE $20.00
1915 Tour of the New Jersey Society
of the Sons of the American
Revolution Booklet
Tour of the New Jersey Society of the Sons of The American Revolution to the National Congress Sons of the American Revolution Portland, Oregon, July 18-20, 1915. Managed and directed by John R. Weeks, State Secretary, 76 Broad St., Newark, N.J. Itirneraryy via train/boat through Canada and U.S. with images and foldout map of the United States and part of Canada showing the route via New York CentralLines. Approximately 3-1/4" x 6-1/4" SALE $25.00
WWI Calling Card
Brigadier General Cruikshank
Brigadier General of the National Army during World War I. Printed callin card "William Mackey Cruikshank, Brigadier-General, United States Army." Approximately 1-1/2" x 3-1/8" overall. SALE $20.00
WWI Christmas Card
107 Infantry
"Hearty Christmas Greetings Good Wishes for the Future. Kind Memories of the Past. Rembrance in the Present, and Friendship to the Last. 107 Infantry. Marked "1918" in pencil in the lower left corner. reverse has :Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. William". Tape marl on front (see image). SALE $10.00
1844 Fall River Invitation "The Company of _______ is requested at the Mount Hope House, on Thursday Evening Aug. 29 at 8 o'clock For Cataract Company No. 3 Albert G. Eaton, David perkins, J.M. Warner, A.B. Eslbee, Geo. P. Eddy Fall River, Aug. 27, 1844". Folded page with embossed flower upper left hand corner, stampled in red ink. SALE $10.00
1919 U.S. Army
5th Div. "Red Diamond"
1919 calendar for the US Army 5th Div. Has tribute poem "The Red Diamond" printed over the center diamond. The poem i sby Lt. Colonel H. Parsons. Has "engraved and Printed at the Base Printing Plant, 29th Engineers, U.S. Army" Includes organizational chart on the back. Approximately 9-1/8" x 13-3/4" overall. In Excellent condition with no tears, etc. SALE $35.00

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