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Programme of the Division Infantry Competition-
Philippines Division
Programme of the Division Infantry Competition (First Annual Competition) Philippines Division. Major General Henry C. Corbin, Commanding Division. Held at Malabang, Mindanao, P.I. April 1905. Has corrections to names in red ink inside. SALE $10.00
General Order No. 9,
 January 22, 1906
Headquarters Dept. of Luzon
Headquarters Department of Luzon. General Orders No. 9, Manila, P.I., January 22, 1906. The following report of the Inspector of Small Arms Practice of the Department is published for the information of all concerned. By Command of Brigadier General Bliss: John F. Guilfoyle, Major, Military Secretary. Identified on front cover "Pvt. James H. Shafer Ord. Detachment Manila" in browned ink. $15.00
SALE $12.00
Sample Military Card Sample No. 873 Military. Telegraph word "EARNESTNESS," Takes our 5 Bar, Enclosing Envelope Takes our No. 16 Inset, insets and envelopes sold separate. B.&.K. Shows military camp scene with flag. Gold embossing on rifles and saber. Heavy card stock- folded to form card. SALE$ 10.00
Coronet Concert Ticket Approx 2 1/4" x 3 3/4" grey cardboard ticket, labeled "Georgia Coronet Band Concert. Admit One." SALE $5.00
EPHM10-91-1388 Post Civil War
Lecture Ticket
for Col Pierce's Lecture "remember the Heroes who stood by our flag." 10cts..Single Ticket..10 cts. "Admit to Col. Pierce's Lecture." With Civil War battle charge scene. SALE $10.00 each
Maltine Medicine Pamphlet Published by the Maltine Co., it has engravings of each Surgeon General from 1878-1897 in the series II booklet. Includes testimonials for the Maltine products. Maltine was a dietary supplement containing malt extract alone and in combination with cascara sagrada or coca extract.. SALE $20.00
Report of the Adjutant General for 1862 "Report of the Adjutant General, Made to His Excellency, The Governor, May 20, 1862." Concord: Henry McFarland, State Printer 1862. Office of the Secretary of State, Concord, New Hampshire, Allen Tenny, Secretary. Softcover, 24 pages. SALE $25.00
War Map and
History of Cuba Pamphlet
War Map and History of Cuba with separate map of Porto Rico and West Indies Also Including the Opening of the Spanish American War From the latest Official Sources. By. Lieut. E. Hannaford. Sunlight Series, No. 120, May 1898. 64 pages with two foldout maps. Some foxing to pages. SALE$ 25.00
Handbook of the Hotchkiss Machine Gun Handbook of the Hotchkiss Machine Gun Model of 1914. Eighty Plates, January, 1918 Washington Government Printing Office 1918. No. 7804. 59 pages, marked on front "John L. Lynds." SALE $20.00
Black Samson- A Narrative of Old Kentucky By SamuelFletcher 100 pages softcover booklet published by George Munro "Munro's Ten Cent Novel dated 1867. Last 20 pages chewed, incomplete and rough. Original. Picture shows an armed black scout holding an Indian by the hair. Outer blue wrap is for Lorillard's Long Smoking. SALE $100.00

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