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Virginia National
Guard Medal

Virginia National Guard Outstanding Achievement Medal. Drop has image of the Virginia State Map and Minute Man With Virgnia National Guard Commendation" on the front and "For Outstanding Achievement" on the back. Hung from a Green and white silk ribbon. $ 20.00
SALE $ 10.00
World War II
Service Medal
Barnstable, Mass.
"Presented by the People of Barnstable Mass. in grateful recognition of Patriotic Service in World War II 1941-1945". Struck by Whitehead and Hoag, in an antique gold finish with "Pro Patria" on the top bar and a Swiss cross with American eagle shield, etc. and ribbon with "United States Forces". Suspended from a red, white and blue ribbon. In original issue box. $ 40.00
SALE $ 30.00
Woman's Relief Corp
With Woman's Relief Corps Seal in the center and "Womans Relief Corp 1833" on the arms. with 1883 patent date on the back. Hung from a red white and blue silk ribbon and "FLC" entwined on the pin bar. $ 45.00
SALE $38.00
Spanish American
War Named 4th New Jersey Vols. Medals and 2nd Corps Badge
The 1st medal had "4th Regt. N.J. Volunteer" with a 2nd corps badge in the center. "Presented to Lt. Fred Ege by the Citizens of Jersey City" on back. There is his silver 2nd corps badge, his NJ SPA War medal and his United Spanish War Veteran's medal. All Four. $ 525.00
Spanish American
War Admiral Dewey USS Olympia Medal
Brass, quarter size medal with bust of Dewey on the front and the U.S.S. Olympia on the reverse. Hung from a red, white and blue ribbon. $ 135.00
SALE $100.00
Civil War Union Veteran's Union Medal Bronze crossed sabers pin bar with star and "UVU-1861-1865." From this hangs a red, yellow and blue silk ribbon with bronze cogged wheel with crossed rifles and cannons, with anchor above. Has "Union Veteran's Union" on it. With attached Post Commander Eagle Colonel's shoulder bar. $ 150.00
SALE $125.00
"1901- Pan American" Exposition Medal A metal frying pan with buffalo head in bottom of the pan. Has a red, white and blue ribbon in the stick pin. $ 30.00
SALE $24.00
Civil War Service Medal, Originally Issued to Union Veterans of the War With bust of Lincoln and "Malice Towards None With Charity For All." Reverse "Civil War 1861-1865." Blue and grey ribbon. This modern medal was issued to families of Civil War Veterans. $ 50.00
SALE $40.00
Span. Am. War Medal,
Pennsylvania National Guard
Bronze keystone with entwined letters "TCC." Reverse has "June 8- Remember Our Boys in Battery F 1898." Hung from a blue ribbon. $ 60.00
SALE $48.00
U.S. Army Spanish American War Service Medal Issued "For service in the Spanish American War" between April 20, 1898 and April 11, 1899. Green and yellow silk ribbon. It is numbered (30790). $ 100.00
SALE $ 80.00

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