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Saratoga Springs N.Y. 1907 National Encampment of the GAR Ribbon/Medal Bronze pin bar with "Souvenir GAR Encampment Saratoga Springs 1907." With a red, white and blue ribbon and bronze medal, with Grant's cottage (nearby), Saratoga City seal and National Encampment banner. $ 50.00
SALE $40.00
160th New York Volunteers Reunion Ribbon "Fourteenth Annual Reunion 16oth Reg. N.Y. Vols. Auburn, N.Y. Oct. 18th, 1898." Red silk, printed black. Approx. 6" in length. Both ends fringed, silk slightly parted near ends, barely noticeable and not separated completely. $ 25.00
SALE $ 20.00
160th N.Y. Vols. Reunion Ribbon "1862- 1901 Reunion 160th N.Y. Vols. Rochester, New York September 19, 1901." Red silk, printed black, approx. 6" long. Bottom edge just folded to form V shape. Black marks on silk (see image). $ 25.00
SALE $ 20.00
GAR 1890 National
Boston Ribbon
"L 140 G.A.R. N.Y. National Encampment Boston 1890." Red silk ribbon, printed gold. For Post 140, Dept. of New York. A gold wreath encloses 140 G.A.R. Approx. 5" length by 2 5/8" width. Has stick pin back. $ 30.00
SALE $25.00
1st Conn. Regimental Ribbon White silk, printed in black and gold "1st Reg't C.N.G. Hartford and Montreal October 2nd to 5th 1889 Guest." With their shako plate design in gold in the center. Has t-bar stick pin. $ 30.00
SALE $ 24.00
United Confederate Veteran's Ribbon From Charleston, South Carolina. Given to "Light Guard, Co. H 1st Regiment C.N.G. Hartford, Conn." on their visit "Yorktown Charlestown 1881." White silk, printed in black, approx. 5" in length. Hung from a gilt pin bar. Tape across the back of the ribbon where hung from gilt bar.

$ 60.00
SALE$ 48.00

GAR Ribbon for Kay Post With inscription "Fraternity Means Something" and GAR medal. Blue silk, black imprint. Ribbon shredding at bottom SALE $16.00
New York Veteran's Ribbon Red, white and blue silk ribbon, printed in black "Binghamton Association, 114 N.Y. Veteran's 76 Front St., Dec. 14th, 1895." Approx. 4" in length. Evidence that ribbon was sewn on to something. $ 20.00
SALE$ 16.00
New York Zouaves Ribbon White silk ribbon, printed in black "Keck Zouaves Johnstown, N.Y. Memorial Day, Greeting to A.B.C." From this famous Zouave company on the occasion of the Albany Burgess Corps visiting them on Memorial Day. Approx. 5" in length. Fringe is intact, just folded in image. $ 40.00
SALE$ 35.00
Conn. Veteran's Ribbon White silk ribbon, printed in black "Connecticut." Has a miniature Parker shot gun (made in Conn.) affixed to ribbon and a real nutmeg hanging from the bottom (Conn. is the nutmeg state.) T-bar stick pin on back. Approx. 5" in length. $ 60.00
SALE$ 50.00

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