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National Woman's Relief Corp
(WRC) Ribbon
For the 54th convention of the National Woman's Relief Corps, Auxillary to the Grand Army of the Republic, in Washington, D.C. Sept. 22-24, 1936. With picture of Oley Nelson, Commander in Chief of the GAR. Yellow silk ribbon, printed in black. $30.00
SALE $22.00

Civil War Veteran
of U.S. Army Engineers Ribbon
Orange silk, printed black, with engineer's castle in center. For their reunion at the "United States Hotel Boston Feb. 23d. 1898." $ 22.00
SALE $ 18.00
New Hampshire Civil War Veteran Reunion Ribbon Light blue silk ribbon, printed in black "22nd reunion 12th Reg't N.H. Vols. Bristol, June 24, 1887." With a gilt metal eagle attached at top. ribbon dirty. Approx. 6 " in length. $ 22.00
SALE $ 18.00
New York Veteran's Guest Ribbon Yellow silk ribbon, printed in black "22nd Annual Reunion 89th N.Y. Veteran's Association. Guest of Whittlesley Post 350, La Grange Post 596. Union, N.Y. August 28, 1901." Approx. 7" in length. $ 22.00
SALE $ 18.00
Vermont Delegate GAR Ribbon Red, white and blue silk ribbon, printed in gold "60th Annual Encampment Dept. of Vermont Brattleboro June 14, 15, 16, 1927." With image of GAR medal. Hung from a gilt and celluloid top pin bar with "Delegate." Approx. 4" in length. $ 20.00
SALE $ 15.00
Massachusetts Veteran's Reunion Ribbon White silk ribbon, printed in gold "Veteran U.S. Engineers Reunion- United States Hotel Boston, Feb. 23d. 1898." With image of castle printed in center. Gilt metal eagle clutching arrows attached at top. Approx. 7" in length. $ 35.00
SALE $ 28.00
Civil War Zouave Veteran's Trip Ribbon Light blue silk, printed in blue "Chicago Zouaves Centennial. Buffalo, N.Y. Niagara Falls, Elizabeth, N.J. New York City. 1889." Image is of a tiger's head. Approx. 5" in length. $ 35.00
SALE$ 28.00
Mass. Civil War Veteran's Guest Ribbon White silk, printed in red "36th Anniversary B Battery Guest Oct. 18, 1905." Image shows seal "Battery B Light Artillery M.V.M." Hung from a gilt & celluloid pin bar with "Guest." Approx. 6" in length. Some stain to top of ribbon under pin bar. $ 25.00
SALE $ 20.00
Two-sided Printed Souvenir Nat'l Encampment GAR Ribbon White silk ribbon, printed in blue "Twentieth National Encampment G.A.R. Souvenir of San Jose, Cal. August 10th 1886" on front. On reverse "Compliments of the Pacific Silk Factory San Jose Cal. H.X. Van de Casteele Proprietor. O.A. Hale & Co. Agents, San Jose" Approx. 6" in length. $ 30.00
SALE $24.00
Illinois Delegate GAR Ribbon For the Delegation from Illinois to 1900 National Encampment. Yellow ribbon, imprinted black "Illinois 1900". $25.00
SALE $20.00

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