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GAR Button & Ribbons
John A. Andrew Post No. 15
Dept. Of Mass.

White celluloid button "Boston 1904 John A. Andrew Post 15 Dept of Mass. G.A.R.". Red ribbon has "Wilson Post 1 Baltimore", white ribbon has "Dept. of Maryland" and blue ribbon has "Dushane Post 3 Baltimore". SALE $ 35.00
Ladies of GAR Ribbon Ladies of GAR ribbon for the Mary T. Hager National Staff Association. Yellow silk ribbon, black imprint, gold tassel. $ 25.00
Civil War Veteran of U.S. Army Engineers
For their re-union at the United States Hotel, Boston, Feb. 17th, 1897. Orange silk, printed with black, with engineer's castle in center. $ 25.00
SALE $15.00
1920 35th Annual Convention GAR Ribbon For the Ladies of G.A.R., Dept. of Pennsylvania, at Indiana, PA. Dated "June 1920", it is a red silk ribbon, printed in silver with "Delegate". Attached to a celluloid pin with picture of GAR seal. $ 25.00
SALE $18.00
160th New York
Volunteers Reunion Ribbon
"Reunion 160th N.Y. Vols. Rochester New York September 19, 1900." Red silk ribbon, printed in black. $ 22.00 each
SALE $18.00 each
Pennsylvania 1st Regt. Infantry NGP Veterans Corps Ribbon Veteran Corps Ribbon for one of Pennsylvania's Most Famous Regiments, 1st Regt. Infantry N.G.P. Black silk ribbon, printed in silver with 1st regimental insignia in the center and "Veteran Corps First Regiment Infantry N.G.P.". With t-bar pin on back. Have several. $ 15.00
SALE $ 10.00 each
Mass. Encampment Ribbon Yellow gold silk ribbon, printed in silver "45th Reunion 29th Regiment Mass. Volunteer Association. Melrose, June 17, 1914." With picture of American flag. Stick pin back and label "The Harding Uniform & Regalia Co. 211 Tremont Street. Boston, Mass." Ribbon has fold in area of American flag. Approx. 6" in length. $ 25.00
SALE $20.00
Mass. Reunion Ribbon Red silk ribbon, printed in black with gold crossed cannons superimposed on printing. "1877, Ninth Annual Reunion of First Mass. Heavy Artillery Assoc'n, Sept. 13". Approx. 5 " in length. Has old adhesive label stain in "Artillery" region. $ 25.00
SALE $ 20.00
N.Y. GAR Ribbon With bronze "Poughkeepsie" pin bar depicting the New Haven railroad bridge across the Hudson River. Has bronze GAR drop with "G.A.R., New York State, June 15-19., Encampment" on arms. With GAR star in center. Red, white and blue ribbon, imprinted in gold "60th Annual Encampment Grand Army of the Republic Dept. of N.Y. Jun. 16-19, 1926." $ 35.00
SALE $28.00
Woman's Relief Corp Member Medal (G.A.R.) Bronze ornate pin bar. Red, white and blue ribbon. Bronze Maltese cross with "Womans Relief Corps 1883" on arms and GAR seal in the center. $ 25.00
SALE $20.00 each

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