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World War I
Sewing Kit
Designed to roll up and keep in your pack, there are needles in the red flannel that still have khaki thread on them. Tan duck with infantry blue binding, similar to page 4 but does not have paper of pins or needles. Stained with rust spots. SALE $ 18.00
MISCWI6-032 World War I Period
US Army Hard Tack
Regulation issue, marked "Sunshine". Approximately 2" square. Has beehive pattern on surface of cracker on back side. $ 25.00
SALE $20.00
MISCWI6- OR702 World War I U.S. National Army Armband Marked "USNA" for US National Army (as opposed to Regular Army). These were issued to inductees when they left by train to go to their training camps (where they were issued their full uniform.) Has small red cross pin on it. Olive drab cloth with black block lettering. $35.00
SALE $28.00
World War I
Yankee Division
Pin Button
Celluloid button, marked "Welcome Home 26th Division" with symbol  of interlocking YD for "Yankee Division" (nickname for Massachusetts group). $20.00
SALE $15.00
World War I Liberty Victory Loan Pin Button Small blue celluloid pin button with paper "Volunteer "Victory" Liberty Loan paper attachment and plastic "V" hanging from button. $35.00
SALE $28.00
WWI Period?
Red Cross
Onliwon Toilet Tissue
Package of 200 sheets of single fold toilet paper for recess fixtures. Product of APW Albany NY (Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Co.) Has wrapper advertising with large red cross on it. SALE $20.00
WWI U.S. Training
Squandron Hat Band
Hat Ribbon for the Donald Duck Hat. Black with gold lettering, "U.S. Training Squadron". Approx. 16" long. SALE $25.00

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