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World War I Dated
 Cartridge Box
Black leather with buckles and straps. Stamped "S.W.? 1918 C.U.S." on front lid edge. 4 sets of buckles and 1 side belt loop with buckle. Approximately 6.5" x 4" x 2.25" overall $ 100.00
SALE $80.00
Stereoscopic Cards from the Keystone Eye Comfort and Depth Perception Series The Keystone Eye Comfort and Depth-Perception Series. For the Development of Comfortable Vision and a High Degree of Depth Perception. Copyrighted by the Keystone View Company of Meadville, Penna. 11 out of 12 cards. Missing "Birds of a Feather". SALE $35.00
1912 Howitzer Yearbook for Cadets West Point cadets yearbook for the year 1912. Inscribe inside cover "to E.W. Bellinger and J.V. Vosburgh from 'Doc' August 21, 1912." Cover rough, spine missing covering material but contents fine. $50.00
SALE $40.00
Letter Patent
With Signature of
DeWitt Clinton

Letters Patent to William Baker, dated January 22, 1822. For the State of New York, it confirms two parcels of land in the county of Washington. "Witness of our trusty and well beloved DeWitt Clinton Esquire, Governor of our said State, General and Commander in Chief of all the Militia and Admiral of the Navy of the same, at our City of Albany..." Second image shows his signature. Approx. 16" x 19" overall. Has Separations along fold seams but does not affect signature. SALE $200.00
Uncut Antique
Paper Wafer Label
For Carlsbad Imperial Wafers. Sheet is approx. 8 x 8 1/2" overall. SALE $5.00
Uncut Antique
Paper Biscuit Label
For Gustav A. Mayer's Vanilla Flavor Vienna Biscuits Stapleton, New York. Approx. 8 1/2 x 8 1/2" overall. Edges rough, damage to top edge but does not harm colored section. SALE $5.00
Circa 1900's
"Belle of Japan" Tea
Half pound package of  "Registered Belle of Japan No. 4 Early Pickings Uncolored Japan Tea". "Packed in Japan for E.E. Darling & Co. Troy, N.Y. Half Pound Net." Back of packaging has instructions for brewing. E.E. Darling & Co. were wholesale grocers in Troy at the time. Excellent, unopened condition...some cracks to outer paper packaging but no tea leaking from these tears. $100.00
SALE $75.00
Old Colony Indelible Ink Bix "Old Colony Indelible Ink for Household Use"...United Drug Co. Boston-St. Louis Made in U.S.A. Absolutely Permanent ink, for marking cotton, linen, and other fabrics. Outfit contains stretcher, pen, penholder and ink. Approx. 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" overall...inner box is in poor condition. SALE $20.00
Vintage Atlantic Inn Tokens Small token, 5/8" in diameter. Has "Atlantic Inn" on one side and "5"on the other. SALE $5.00 each
WWI Period
Journal Family
Annual Outing Button
White celluloid button, printed in black "The Pen and the Sword Did it". has red, white and blue ribbon, imprinted in gold "Annual Outing Journal Family June 15, 1919." $ 15.00
SALE $12.00

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