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J. C. Dills Best Cut Plug
Tobacco Flat Pocket Tin

Advertising Tobacco Tin, Size 3 3/4" by 2 3/4" by 1". Often referred to as horizontal pockets or boxes. Hinged. lithographed tin, it has evidenced of blue "U.S. Inter Rev." "tax paid" strip to seal the can (see photo)-parts of strip on sides and back also. SALE $ 25.00
Antique Advertising
 Booklet for
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Booklet for Hood's Sarsaparilla from C.I. Hood & Co. of Lowell, Mass. titled "The People Trust in Hood's Sarsaparilla." Six pages plus front and back covers, all identifying Hood's Sarsaparilla as the cure, with testimony from users. Printed,  with blue lettering on the cover. SALE $ 20.00
1910 All Around Weekly- "School Boys Afloat" No. 13, Jan. 1st, 1910 Weekly from Frank Tousey Publishers, 24 Union Square, New York. Full color covers, 32 pgs. "Containing stories of all kinds by different authors", issued Fridays- School Boys Afloat; or, A Trip Around the World. Magazine in great shape- no foxing. SALE $35.00
S. Abrahams & Co.
Station S, Philadelphia
Uniform Catalog
Postmarked 1918, Addressed to the J.B. Day Hook & Ladder Co. No. 2 of Union, N.Y. "High Grade Uniforms for Every Purpose" "We Make the Majority of Police and Fire Uniforms Worn- Write us for our samples." Plate 501: Police Special Styles, Plate 502: Police and Fire, Plate 503: Police Overcoats, Plate 504: Fire Department Specials, Plate 505: Police and Fire Badges, Plate 506: Metal Badges. Paper Cover. SALE $25.00
SC01 & SC02
Military Boys
School Booklet
Booklet for "The Mitchell Military Boys School" in Billerica, Mass. "A Wholesome School for Wholesome Boys"- "Limited to Fifty Boys". Red leather booklet, approx. 3 1/2" x 5" in size, gold lettering on cover. Filled with information about the school as well as images. Two separate books, each in a slightly different format- one lists prize winners of 1910, the other prize winners of 1909. Lists rolls of cadets, officers, etc. SALE $15.00 each
Early 20th Century Political Pin Button Jugate (two images) political button. 7/8" diam. $ 40.00
SALE $30.00
1900's Pin Button Color celluloid with "Little Pinkies- The Letter Carrier." 7/8" diam. $ 15.00
SALE $10.00
U.S. Artillery
Officer's Dress Belt
With four bands of gold bullion alternating with three narrow lines of scarlet. Complete with matching sword hangers affixed to a single brass slide. With sword hook and matching gold bullion and scarlet belt slide, which allowed sword hanger to be moved back and forth. Has West Point markings. $ 160.00
SALE $125.00

Black Americana
Fair Tickets
Two tickets for the "Anderson Co. Colored Fair Admint One 75 cents"- South Carolina, from the 1940's.

SALE $5.00

New York City
 Map and Street Directory
for 1910
"1910 Correct Guide Map and Street Directory of New York City". "Boroughs Correctly Listed showing Rapid Transit Tunnel." Includes lists of hotels, theatres, libraries, hospitals, elevated lines, transfers, ferries, piers, fire departments, police departments, etc. Also a list of trolley trips. " "Price 15 Cents" Copyrighted 1907 by Isaac Blanchard Co. L. Lipkind 37 Vandewater St., New York. 153 pages plus fold out map. SALE $20.00

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