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Booklet: Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C. Leather covered booklet of photographs. approx. 4 1/2 x 6". First photo is the flight operations tower, than pics of Brigadier General L.G. Merritt, Commanding General U.S. Marines Corps Air Bases and 9th Marine Aircraft Wing, Cherry Point, N.C. Nest pic is Colonel P.E. Conradt, Deputy Commander. Includes images of "Lady marines", aircraft, mess hall, quarters, etc. $45.00
SALE $35.00
"I'm a Marine" Recruiting Card Heavy Stock fold-out card with "Information for Recruits Arriving at Parris Island. It talks about the training and duty of a U.S. Marine at Parris Island, and is designed to send "A message to all the folks back home from your Marine." $40.00
SALE $30.00
"Soldiers of the Sea U.S. Marines" Foldout Recruiting/Information pamphlet. Starts out with simplified map of the world with numbered locations listed to either side under title "Marines Follow Old Glory Everywhere... They Find Adventure in Distant Lands." It opens full size to information about the U.S. Marine, Standard for Enlistment, Aviation in the U.S. Marine Corps and Reserve, Flight Training, Active Duty, Pay and Allowances and Bonus. MCPS 80911 9-16-50 50M. $30.00
SALE $24.00
WWII Marine Insignia Eagle, fouled anchor and bulldog head with "Devil Dogs" on collar. $ 35.00
SALE $28.00
Post Card
WWI Marine Photograph
He has a Marine insignia on his campaign har.
SALE $ 8.00
Circa Span. Amer.
Marine Corp
Sergeant Chevron
Red felt, yellow gold lace. Three chevrons, three tie backs. $ 20.00 single/
$ 35.00 pair
Banana Wars
(1900/1920) USMC
Buglers Rate Patch
Cut-out upright OD wool trumpet sewn on a tan wool patch. Approx. 3 3/8" square. Similar to the sergeant's chevron 6-2 in Emerson's Chevron book. $ 32.00
SALE $25.00
WWII USMC Gunnery Sergeant's Chevron Three yellow lace chevrons, one rocker with crossed rifle. On a red felt field. $ 15.00
SALE $12.00
1930's USMC Sergeant's Chevron Three olive drab chevrons on a scarlet field. $ 15.00
SALE $12.00
U.S. Marine Corps Radio Company Patch For the 1920's-30's, a red wool patch with three lightning bolts and "R.C." embroidered in gold bullion. From the days of the Horse Marine, as illustrated in the new Marine Corps uniform book. $ 60.00
SALE $45.00

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