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WWI Postcard
of U.S. Marines
Shows Marines coming ashore. Stockinger Phot-Engr. & Ptg. Co. New York and Brooklyn. Addressed to Mrs. E.E. Wilbar of Fitchburg, Mass. Dated 12-12-17 "On the reverse is pictured a stunt I've taken part in many a time. On another are two signalmen. 'nig-naging'(?) to a ship. The other pictures a Capt. of Marines in field uniforms and raised pistol. F.W.S." $ 20.00
SALE $15.00
4th Marines Booklet "The 4th Marines and Soochow Creek: The Legend and the Medal." The Military Journal Special 3. Softcover booklet by F.C. Brown, John E. Lelle, and Roger J. Sullivan. Detailed history of the U.S. 4th Marine Regiment from 1914 to 1942 and includes unofficial story of the Soochow Creek Medal. 1st edition, 1980. Includes photos, maps and illustrations. $25.00
SALE $20.00
Circa 1915 3" x 5" Photograph Shows on deck of ship with sailors in dress whites and marines on deck. Shows battleship in left corner background. Has "Geo Bennz Wm. Boyd" in pencil on back. Tear in corner. $ 20.00
SALE $15.00
Circa 1910 3" x 5" Postcard Photograph of Ship Funeral. On board a ship, back of priest, flag draped casket with flowers and Marine honor guard at attention . red brown stain lower left.  $ 20.00
SALE $15.00
Circa 1910 3" x 5"
Postcard Photograph of Marine Football Team
Labeled in ink on front "Cast of Champion Marine Football Team". $ 45.00
SALE $35.00
Circa 1910 3" x 5" Printed Postcard
With double image. Labeled "Marine Drill" and "Mess Time." $ 15.00
SALE 12.00
WWII U.S. Marine Corps Insignia Gold plated eagle, globe and anchor insignia with screw post and nut $ 12.00
SALE $10.00
1910 3" x 5" Postcard Photograph "Tritation of Land Lubber crossing on his Royal Domain bound for Valparaisio Chile. By Neptune Rex and his Trusty Shellbacks. Ruler of the Keying Main and Solemn Mysteries at the ?? Feb.10, 1911 Latitude 0000.0 Longitude 37-40"W" under image. Shows marines and sailors on deck. $ 20.00
SALE $15.00
1910 3"x 5" Postcard Photograph Shows two marines in dress uniform's holding rifles crossed. "Port Arms" on image. $ 45.00
SALE $35.00
1910 4" x 3" Photograph of Marines Shows three marines holding bull dog flag. Labeled "Chas 2286 Miss Bowdoin." $ 30.00
SALE $24.00

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