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1921 The Red Guidon
Vol. II
"The Red Guidon Volume II" Published each year by students in attendance at the Field Artillery Summer Camp of the Reserve Officer's Training Corps, Camp Knox, Kentucky, June 16-July 20, 1921. Has Name in ink on front cover "Donald Wilson"(?). With history, photos, lists of batteries, and more. SALE $25.00

1879 Ordnance
Memoranda No.23

"Machines for Siege and Garrison Service, Mechanical Manoeuvres, Paint Lackers, &c. Prefaced under the Direction of Brig. Gen. Stephen V. Benet Chief of Ordnance U.S. Army by the U.S. Ordnance Board. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1879. Softcover with plates. SALE $45.00
1912 The Civil War
Through the Camera
Part Nine
Hundreds of Vivid Photographs Actually Taken in Civil War Times Together with Elson's New History in Sixteen Parts Comprising a Complete History of the Civil War. Each part a thrilling story in itself. In every part the full account of one or more of the world's greatest battles. Part Nine Gettysburg, The Hight Tide of the Civil War, Fort Sumter Bombarded, Charleston Besieged and Captured. Illustrated by Brady War-time Photographs...." SALE $10.00
The Heroic 26th YD
(Yanke Division)
The Heroic 26th YD Its Deeds and Valor Over There- Price Thirty-Five Cents. 16 full page photos, 32 half page photos- from official United States Signal Corps Photos SALE $30.00

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