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1871 Remington
Navy Rifle Book
Scarce 1871 edition of "Description and Rules for the Management of the Remington Navy Rifle, Model 1870." Printed by the National Armory: Springfield, Mass. Softcover, 14 pages, Basic Document of U.S. Martial Arms. SALE $80.00
Auction Catalog of Collector's

American & European Firearms
1944 Parke-Bernet Galleries Inc.Public Auction sale of property of the Estate of the Late James A. Stillman. 33 pages with photos, SALE $20.00
Southern Historical Society Papers
Vol. XI- June 1883 No.6, Rev. J. William Jones, D.D. With articles such as "The Washington Artillery" "Laying the Cornerstone and Monument Tomb of the Army of the Tenessee Association". Edges of pages are crumbling. Also have Vo. XII March 1884-No.3 with articles such as "Last telegram of the Confederacy". Cover has break, but taped with archival tape. SALE $15.00 each
Spanish American War
Manual of Calisthenic Exercises
Calisthenic Exercises, United States Army. By Authority of the War Department. GPO 1892. A 54 page, pocket size manual, bound in brown black cloth with gold title. Stamped in multiple places "C.C. Newton" in small balck script. Inscribed on flyleaf "Charles C Newton 15th Co. C A? Ft. Barrancas Florida" $50.00
SALE $40.00
Civil War Newspaper Harper's Weekly. Journal of Civilization
for April 19, 1862
Vol. VI- No.277 New York, Saturday, April 19, 1862. Title under engraving detail shown "Shipping Artillery at Alexandria, Virginia". Other engraving titles "Transports Embarking Troops at Alexandria, Virginia" "Federal troops at Hampton, Virginia" "General Map of the Seat of War in Virginia, Showing the Road to Richmond" "Map Showing the Position of Fort Pulaski, and Approaches to Savannah, Georgia" "The Great Uprising of the North- An Anniversary Picture- April 12, 1862 (full center page)" "The Burnside Expedition- Scenes at Newbern and Washington, North Carolina" and more. Pages 241- 256. SALE $10.00
Civil War Newspaper
Frank Leslie's Illustrated
for March 16, 1861
Newspaper No. 277- Vol. XI. New York, March 16, 1861. Title under engraving detail shown "The Hon. Jefferson Davis, President-Elect of the New Southern Confederacy, Addressing the Citizens of Montgomery, Ala., from the balcony of the Exchange Hotel, on the Night of February 16th, 1861, and previous to his Inauguration..." Pages 257- 272. Edge reinforced with tape along its length. SALE $10.00
99- 63
Civil War Period
Newspaper Harper's
Weekly. January 30, 1864

Vol. VIII.- No. 370, New York, Saturday, January 30, 1864. Title under front cover engravings are :" The Church of the Compania in the distance." "The Church of the Compania" "Ruins of the Church of the Compania, at Santiago, Chili. after the conflagration." Headlines within: "rebel Prospects" "Slave Children" "Delays on the New Haven Railroad" "The New Uprising" "Thackeray's Grave" "Domestic Intelligence" "Foreign News" "Army and Navy Items" "Hospital and Camp Incidents: The Sanitary Commission Among the Soldiers..." "White and Colored Slaves" "The Gun-Boat 'Eutaw'" "Rebel Submarine Battery" "Armstrong's 600-Pounder" "Launch of the 'Minotaur'". Lots more, pgs. 65-80. Some pages loose. SALE $10.00
Indian Wars Period Newspaper
Frank Leslie's Illustrated
for June 9, 1883
Newspaper No. 1,446- Vol. LVI. New York, June 9, 1883. Title under engraving detail shown "New York.-The Terrible Disaster at the New York Approach of the East River Bridge, May 30th. The Desperate Struggle for Life." Pages246-260. Outside page edge reinforced with tape. With engraving of "Mexico.- View in the Yugin River Region of the Sierra Madre Mountains, scene of Gen. Crook's Operations Against the Apaches." SALE $10.00
Pre-Civil War New York Tribune 1854 New York Tribune dated "New York Wednesday, July 26, 1854." Vol. XIV No. 4.140. Price Two cents. Two sheets folded to have eight sides of print. Front page filled with what we would call classifieds. Front page detached from back page. S$ 10.00
Pre-Civil War New York Herald 1847 The New York Herald dated "New York, Wednesday Morning, August 4, 1847" Vol. XIII, No. 212_ Whole No. 4809. Price 2 cents. Front cover is filled with "Affairs in Europe." One sheet, folded to have four sides of print. Water stained. S$ 10.00

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