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Stereo Photograph of Battle Dead, Philippine Insurrection Underwood & Underwood Publishers, Works and Studios. Copyright 1899. Titled " A Sacrifice to Aguinaldo's Ambition- Behind the Filipino Trenches after the Battle of Malabon, P.I." Shows two Filipinos soldiers dead on the ground with three soldier watching over them in the background. Tan mount. SALE $ 10.00
Jumbo Stereo
Photograph of
Gettysburg Battlefield
Shows the monument to the "13th Vt. Infantry, Left of the Bloody Angle." By the famous Gettysburg Photographer H.E. Weaver of Washington, D.C. $ 50.00
SALE $40.00
Stereo Photograph of 4th Expedition on the "Pennsylvani" for Manila Tan mount labeled "9388- Volunteers of the 4th Expedition Leaving San Francisco on Transport "Pennsylvania" for Manila."  Keystone View Company, Manufacturers and Publishers. Copyrighted in 1898 by B.L. Singley. SALE $10.00
WWI Stereo
Photograph of
"Colored Troops"
Titled "Colored Troops Returning from France on the S.S. Aquitania, New York." Shown docking in N.Y. Harbor. View No. "V19282", with description of view of ship painted in camouflage. $ 50.00
SALE $40.00
Gettysburg Stereo Photograph of a Snow Covered House Shows a snow covered period house with two women standing on the front porch. Taken by Mumper & Co., the Battlefield Photographer. Possibly the Theological Seminary or Gen. Meade's Headquarters. $ 25.00
SALE $20.00
Stereo Photograph
San Juan, Cuba
"Scene of the great Battle- the hill, from below- San Jun, Cuba." Strohmeyer & Wyman Publishers, sold only by Underwood & Underwood- copyright 1899. SALE $10.00
Spanish American War Rough Riders Stereo Photograph Shows "The Mascot of the Rough Riders-to be Loosed on the Spaniards." Shows seven troopers (one wears a medal) with a wildcat sitting on top of his cage. $ 45.00
SALE $35.00
Spanish American War Cavalry Rough Riders Stereo Photograph Titled "A Dash Through the Waters- Cavalry Horses Camp Tampa, U.S.A." Copyrighted 1898. Shows this famous cavalry camp along the beach in Florida, with troopers galloping through the water. $ 45.00
SALE $ 35.00
Stereo Photograp of 13 Inch Guns on Iowa Copyrighted 1898. Underwood & Underwood Publishers. Titled "The Great 13 in. Guns and Brave Gunner Boys-Sea Going Battleship 'Iowa'."
SALE $10.00
Philippine Insurrection Stereo Photograph with "Angel" Titled "The Dead Soldier", it is No. 11904. Taken in 1901 by B. L. Singley. It shows a fallen American soldier in the field, with ghost image of an angel hovering over him. "Ghost" stereos are rare and sought after. $ 20.00

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