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Spanish American War Period Stereo Photograph
Embarkation of Spanish Troops
Keystone Views Company Manufacturers, Publishers. Copyrighted . No. 9413, titled "The Embarkation of Spanish Troops, Santiago Harbor, Cuba." Part of the terms of surrender that the U.S. would ship General Loral's army back to Spain. SALE $10.00
Spanish American War Period
Underwood Stereo Photograph
Shows troops in field lined up for inspection and review, with packs and rifles. Underwood & Underwood Publishers. Works and Studio. SALE $8.00
Stereo Photograph of Spanish Prisoners from Admiral Cervera's Fleet Webster 7 Albee Publishers, Rochester, N.Y. Sold Only by Canvassers. No. 3069, titled "Capt. Moreau of the Colon, checking off the names of Spanish prisoners, at Seavey's Island Portsmouth, N.H." Captain Emilio Diaz Moreau, of the Cristobal Colon, is shown checking off the names of the men of the Vizcaya and Colon. Seavey's Island held the Portsmouth Naval Prison. SALE $32.00
Stereo Photograph of Filipino Prisoners James M. Davis, Copyrighted, Photographed and Published by B.W. Kilburn. No. 13403, titled "Filipino Prisoners taken at Malabon, P.I." shows two prisoners, surrounded by soldiers and civilians. One civilian holding a knife, one rifle in background. SALE $20.00
WWI N.J. Stereo Photograph Titled "Folded tents and army beds in the open at Camp Dix, N.J." Shows 5 soldiers sitting on cots in the foreground. Copyrighted by Underwood & Underwood $ 24.00
SALE $20.00
Boxer Rebellion Stereo
Titled "Battlefield of Tientsin (during the battle July 13, 1900). Tientsin, China." Shows view that looks out over the roofs of houses and into the distance. $ 40.00
SALE $32.00
Spanish American War Stereo Photograph
with a African-American Sailor of the USS Olympia
Titled "Death-dealing Guns and Gunners of Dewey's Flagship 'Olympia', In Manila Bay, P.I." Copyrighted in 1899 by Underwood & Underwood. The gunner behind the cannon is African American. Shows a total of twelve sailors in image plus partially visible face behind the cannon in the background. $ 75.00
SALE $60.00
Boxer Rebellion Stereo Photograph of Ruins Titled "Ruins around the Legations burned by Chinese- from Chien-men Gate where Capt. Reilly was killed.- Peking, China." Copyrighted 1901 by Underwood & Underwood. Has Chinese man in the foreground. $ 40.00
SALE $32.00
Boxer Rebellion Stereo
Photograph of 9th Infantry
Titled "9th U.S. Infantry lined before the Sacred Gate in honor of Count Waldersee- Minister Conger and family in foreground, Peking, China." Copyrighted in 1901 by Underwood & Underwood. $ 60.00
SALE $45.00
Two Stereo Photograph of a Large Group of African Americans Circa 1870's, showing a large group of African Americans attending a Baptist Convention near Alexandria Bay in the Thousand Islands, N.Y. Titled on back "Scenery among the Thousand Islands on the River St. Lawrence, from Crossman House Photographic Studio." Tow different views. $ 100.00 for the pair
SALE $80.00

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