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Arlington National Cemetery
Labeled "Arlington National Cemetery. Monument to Spanish-American War Heroes." Published by "Raphael Tuck & Sons"- "Post Card Series No. 2330". This monument stands over the grave of one thousand American soldiers and sailors who lost their lives in Cuba during the Spanish-Ameriacn War. It was erected by the National Society of Colonial Dames and unveiled by President Roosevelt in May 1902, and stands 40 feet above the base which is 10 feet in height. Undivided back, unused. 3.5" x 5.5" overall.
SALE $10.00
WWI French Handkerchief Lace and silk embroidered handkerchief, approx. 14" square with embroidered "Souvenir of France." Typical souvenir brought back by our troops for their wives/girls at home. $ 20.00
WWI era Souvenir Postacrds
"Album-Souvenir Monaco Monte-Carlo" "Tabac- Rue Grimaldi". Detachable postcards in black and white 20 cards. $ 15.00
SALE $12.00
Spanish American
Souvenir Spoon
With bust of "Rear Admiral Sampson" and anchor on handle top. Has picture of "U.S. Battleship Indiana 10288 tons" in bowl. Marked "Standard" on handle back. 4 " in length. $ 30.00
SALE $24.00
Admiral Dewey
Sterling Silver Spoon
With bust of "Admiral Dewey" on top, shield with banner "Manila May 1st 1898" on handle and seven battleships "U.S. Asiatic Squadron Victorious in the Philippines" and ships identified in the bowl. Marked "Sterling" on back. 4" in length. $ 30.00
SALE $25.00
Admiral Dewey Souvenir Spoon no image available Silver plate, with the bust of Admiral Dewey on top, "Admiral Dewey Manila May 1st 1898" on the shaft and picture of "U.S. Cruiser Olympia" in the bowl. Marked "Nat'l Solve Plate Co." on handle back, with flag at top. 4" in length. $ 20.00
SALE $15.00
Mexican Border Spoon With bust of General Pershing at top. Shield with banner "Mexican Border 1916" on handle. Approx. 6" in length. $ 20.00
SALE $15.00
"Sterling" Silver Gettysburg
Battlefield Demitasse Spoon.
With a picture of "Gen. Meades Headquarter Gettysburg PA" in the bowl. With flowers at top of handle. Marked "Sterling" on the back. 3" in length. $ 60.00
SALE $45.00
Spanish American War Spoon With bust of "Admiral Dewey" on top, shield on shaft and picture of "Flagship Olympia" in bowl. Marked "Geo. F. Homer, Boston" on back of handle. 4" in length. SALE $15.00
23rd New York
National Guard
Sterling Spoon
With the 23rd "Vigilantia N.G.S.N.Y." cross on the top, flags on the shaft and their armory on the bowl. Marked "Sterling" and "E.G.W. & Son". 4" in length. $ 28.00
SALE $22.00

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