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WWI Photo
Ft. Bliss 1914
Labeled on the back as "Ft. Bliss El Paso Texas 1914 Lieut. Dallon (or Dalton). Signed lower front right corner "Mrs. C. P. Miller 1914." Show him on horseback with "20" viewable on horse blanket. Wearing olive drab uniform with campaign hat. Medals are on his chest. SALE $ 20.00
BK 2991

Rare WWI Glass Photograph
of Army Surgeon
Case cover in pieces (leather cover, cotton and cardboard), image in brown tone on glass. Shows an Army Surgeon (Major) in uniform. Has cadeuces on collar with "US", SALE $75.00
World War I Photograph of two African Americans Taken in France, they wear the OD wool uniform. 3" x 5" overall. $ 75.00
SALE $60.00
World War I Cavalry Soldier Photograph Shows a cavalry soldier holding the reins of his mount. Taken in France, there is a woman on her front steps behind him. 3" x 5' in size. $ 65.00
SALE $50.00
World War I US Army Soldier Photograph He holds his bolt action rifle and wears a steel helmet. Taken in France. 3" x 5" in size. $ 40.00
SALE $32.00
WWI 3"x 5"
Photograph Postcard
of a Military 'Circus'
Image marked "1st Division Circus- Mou Rabour (?), July 11th-12th". Circa 1919, shows troops walking around an arena. To the right is the mounted troops, trotting. Doughboys can be seen in bleachers to either side of the arena. A most unusual image showing troops at recreation. $ 20.00
WWI Photograph of a Private Full length pose, he is armed with an Enfield rifle. He wears a bayonet on his Mills belt. 3" x 5" in size. $ 50.00
WWI Women Soldiers Photograph 3" x5" photograph, taken in camp showing a company of women in uniform with women officers out in front. Inscription on back "Don't you think we look quite like soldiers. It's great fun sleeping in tents, though it's usually rather cold before morning. Wonder if the nights are cold at home. Pardon the pencil. Sincerely Helen." Looks like a covered cannon to extreme left of picture in background. $ 95.00
WWI Rotogravure Color Photograph of Soldiers at a Range Table Titled "Directing the Range For the Mortars at Fort Wright, Fishers Island, N.Y." Photo by Underwood & Underwood, N.Y. 3"x 5". Shows five soldiers at a range and direction plotting table and one in the background. Info on back of card makes note of the telephones used by the officers to give instruction to their men actually aiming and loading the mortars. $ 15.00
SALE $12.00
World War I Rotogravure of a Cannon Shows a "12 inch Gun in Action, Ft. Monroe, Va." Approx. 3" x 5" in size. $ 15.00
SALE $12.00

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