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3 1/2" x 1/2" Post Card Photograph
Native American Pueblo in New Mexico
Titled "Old Carreta, Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico." Shows two oxen pulling a cart with a Native American in the back, in front of some pueblos. SALE $10.00


3 1/2" x 5 1/2" Postcard of
N.Y. Military Academy
Color postcard of the "Front Entrance, N.Y. Military Academy. Cornwall-on-Hudson." From the Ruben Publishing Co. of Newburgh, N.Y. Addressed to Mrs. R. Schiele of Stapleton, S.I. (Staten Island) N.Y. Postmark is Jun 26 1939. SALE $10.00


19th Century Albumen
Photograph of a
U.S. Post Office

Shown in a section of a general store in Brier Hills, Pa. It shows special racks for newspapers and magazines as well as conventional postal boxes. The post master looks out of the grilled window as two store clerks look on. Approx. 7 3/8"x 9 5in size./8"


SALE $25.00


Group of Workmen

Shows a group of workmen and others standing on the porch of a brick building. Several hold mason trowels, saw, pick and other tools. Back of photograph stamped "Morton-Day 7, Sea View, Eastbourne." Also has browned ink "Mrs. Hollobon wishes to be remembered to you."

$ 20.00
SALE $15.00


Cabinet Photograph
of President Garfield

Shows our martyred President, James A. Garfield. Approx. 4 1/8" x 6" overall.

$ 20.00
SALE $15.00


Korean War Helicopter Pilot Photograph

Shows a U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot wearing his U.S. Army wings and an Indian Head 2nd Division Patch. He is in the cockpit of the chopper. 3" x 4" in size.

$ 25.00


Cabinet Photograph
of a Group of Uniformed Officers (4)
of a Steamship

Shows them on the pier, leaning on the rail with sign "Boat Leaves for Port on Salt River Mar. 1st 1891, Returning Mar. 1892."

$ 45.00
SALE $35.00


Cabinet Photograph
of a Steamship Officer

Of the Red Star Line Steamer S.S. Belgenland. Taken in Brooklyn, N.Y. the cap device bears the red star insignia of the line. Came with the photos of the Belgenland.

$ 45.00
SALE $35.00


Photograph of a Bi-Wing
Two Motor U.S.N. Air Plane

1925 photograph of a Bi-Wing
Two Motor U.S.N. Air Plane. Photograph has "P.N. 9-1 Commander John Rodgers U.S.N. Winging Its Way to Hawaii San Francisco-Hawaiian Flight 1925" on the image. Size approximatley 3-1/2" x 5-3/4" overall.

$ 35.00
SALE $28.00


Albumen Cabinet
Photograph of Barnum Elephant

Shows the famous Barnum Elephant Jumbo standing on his hind feet in front of the circus tent. His trainer stands between his feet. Taken in New York City by Obermiller & Sons, 28 Cooper Square, Opposite 5th St., New York.

$ 45.00

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