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Photograph of the
No. 2 Gun & Crew of the U.S.S. Alliance
Mounted image approx. 7 1/4" x 9 1/4", 10 1/2" x 13 1/2" overall. Marked on image "No. 2 Gun & Crew * U.S.S. Alliance*." Shows gun crew with large cannon in center of deck. The U.S.S. Alliance was  in service 1877 until 1911. SALE $ 45.00
3"x 5" Photograph Postcard of Naval Hospital School Labeled "Hospital School, U.S. Naval Training Station, Newport, R.I." Shows sailors at attention in front of building. $ 15.00
SALE $12.00

Spanish American
War Cabinet

Shows four American sailors with three Afro-American boys. Taken in a studio, it is inscribed on the back "Taken in the West Indies 1896." From my personal collection. $ 85.00
1900's Hand Tinted Cabinet Photograph of a Sailor Image of a sailor on the U.S.S. Yankee. He wears the dress blue uniform with hat with "USS Yankee" hat ribbon. A brother of the photo below. 3"x 5 3/8" overall. $45.00
SALE $35.00
Circa 1891 Cabinet Photograph of US Navy Sailor "John Clarke" He wears his sword at his waist. Signed "My Great Big Brother July 1891." Taken by J.M. Robinson 244 Sixth St. Pittsburgh, PA." $ 45.00
SALE $35.00
Sailors and Marines in a 3"x5" Photograph Shows sailors and marines on dock loading into open boats, to carry them back to battleships seen in background. Labeled "Return aboard from Camp Guantanamo", Cuba. 3"x 5" in size, circa 1910, it is also marked "Photo by Shaffer." $ 30.00
SALE $24.00
1870's Cabinet Photograph of a U.S. Navy Sailor Taken by "Holland, Photographer, 691 Broad St. Chambersburgh, N.J.. He wears the blue uniform with a knife lanyard around his neck. A studio portrait. $ 40.00
SALE $32.00
Spanish American War Period Naval Tin Type of Three Sailors Taken in a studio, two are seated in chairs, with one standing behind. Two also wear straw hats with their blue uniforms. They have an American flag between the two seated sailors. Approx. 2"x 3" in size, A different type of image. $ 75.00
SALE $ 60.00
1880's Ferrotype of Six Sailors Studio portrait of six sailors wearing the naval blouses, decorated with anchors, stars, etc. One wears a revolver tucked in his belt. All wear straw hats. $ 85.00
SALE $75.00
Naval Postcard Photograph of Two Sailors 3" x5" photograph of a African American sailor and a white sailor, on board a warship. Circa 1910. Shows lifeboat in background. $ 60.00
SALE $ 50.00

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