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Spanish American
War Photograph
of Nurses
Shows two Army nurses ands two Assistant Surgeons, sitting out on a porch. 3" x 3" in size, photos of Army nurses from this period are scarce. $ 40.00
SALE $32.00
Mexican Border
Nurse Photograph
She wears the typical nursing uniform and is reading a book. It is 3" x 5" in size and inscribed on back in pencil "Mrs. Agnes Jordan". $ 35.00
SALE$ 28.00
Carte de Visite
of a Nurse in Uniform

Carte de visite of a nurse in her apron and cap with need items attached to belt. Labeled on front F. Proctor Boltom. Some staining to lower right hand corner under "Bolton" (see image). reverse back mark "from the Studio of Fred Proctor bark Street Corner of Bridge Street Bolton, Portraits Copied to Any Size & Coloured in Oil Water Coours or Crayons Copies can be Had at Any Time"
SALE $125.00
Spanish American War Photograph of a U.S. Army Assist. Surgeon Shows an Assist. Surgeon, mounted on his horse, wearing the Hospital Corps, Maltese cross and U.S. on the collar of his jacket. 3"x 3" overall. $ 50.00
SALE $40.00
Photograph of the Interior of an Army Hospital Circa 1890, shows the interior with a dozen hospital stewards, a surgeon, an African American soldier, female nurse and several patients. 5" x6" overall. Great detail of a hospital. $ 100.00
SALE $80.00
World War I Photograph of a Red Cross Ambulance Shows the ambulance with nine Army doctors and Red Cross men in front. Seven of these are identified on the back of the photograph. 5"x 7", they pose in front of the ambulance which is parked in front of the railroad car on which they will embark. Four are still in civilian clothes with Red Cross arm bands (as identified on back.) $ 100.00
SALE $80.00
World War I Photograph of Wounded Russian in Sleigh Ambulance 3" x5" photograph showing soldiers in sleigh (another just visible in background), with Red Cross nurses and doctors in fur lined uniforms. All are standing in front of a hospital train. A unusual image. $ 50.00
SALE $40.00
World War I Hospital Photograph Shows ten patients, two nurses and several doctors or orderlies. Inscribed on back "Pts. in Vienna Hosp." With great detail. Approx. 3" x5" in size overall. $ 30.00
SALE $24.00

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