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Identified Cabinet Photograph Copy of a Carte de Visite Identified as "Dana S. Juquith Co. A" in ink and "2nd N.H.V." in pencil on back. He wears kepie and overcoat, taken after his death from a carte de visite, a common practice. $ 100.00
SALE $80.00
Civil War Carte de Visite of a 2nd Lieut. Taken by Bogardus Photographer, 363 Broadway, New York. He wears the officer's frock coat with shoulder straps. $ 100.00
SALE $85.00
Civil War Carte de Visite Photograph of a N.Y. Private Taken by Finley & Sons Photographers, Main Street Canandaigua, N.Y. He wears the nine button frock coat, opened to show his military vest and watch chain. $ 100.00
SALE $85.00
Civil War Tintype of Private Harold Bartam of Cincinnati A "thumbnail" or "gem" size tin-type, mounted in a cartes de visite cardboard frame. Signed on back "Mrs. Harold Bartam." Cardboard marked "Field, Artist, 112 W. Fifth St., Cin'ati." $ 60.00
SALE $50.00
Civil War Carte de
Visite Photograph of
Colonel Hiram Berdan
Colonel Berdan was Commander of the 1st U.S. Sharp Shooters. He wears a very high bummers cap with sharp shooters insignia. Has imprint "C.W. Thorne Manufacturer of Photo. Albums & Photographs 60 Nassau St. N.Y." on back. $ 185.00
SALE $165.00
Armed Ferrotype of Two Militia Soldiers Shows two armed militia soldiers in grey coatees, wearing shakos with the Model 1858 plates. They are holding their rifles. S$ 125.00
Ferrotype of a Civil War Soldier In a carte de visite paper mat with embossed military motif. Eagle above, flags, cannon, etc. from lower sides. Typical Civil War soldiers image. $ 65.00
SALE $50.00
Civil War Monument Postcard Shows "Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Bloomfield, N.J." in color. Postmarked 1918, used and mailed with 2 stamp on back. $ 12.00 each
Civil War Period
Cased Ferrotype of Officer
and Wife
Shows an officer seated with his wife. He ears a four button jacket with piped collard. Gilt frame and border, papier mache case with front cover worked velvet. SALE $100.00
Large albumen photograph of a Civil War Period Military Band Shows a Civil War Period Military Band wearing triple breasted frock coats, the high crown early shakos with feathered plumes. They all hold their instruments. Image approximately 9.75 x 13" overall. Top right corner missing and one spot along right side but does not affect the image. SALE $ 65.00


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