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1902 Cabinet Photograph Studio image, he holds his garrison cap with crossed rifle insignia (can't make out letters and numbers above and below.) With "US" and crossed rifles on his collar as well. SALE $40.00
1906 Photograph of Co. F 8th Inf. M.V.M. Shows "Co.F. 8th Inf. M.V.M. July 1906" posed in field in front of thents/camp. Includes officers and camp cooks. Image is approximately 6-1/4" x 9-1/2", overall 10-7/8"x 14-1/4". Before they were redesignated as the National Guard in 1907. $ 35.00
SALE $25.00
1902 Cavalry New York Troop Soldier Hand Tinted Cabinet Photograph 3 5/8"x 5" overall, he wears a dress uniform with yellow trim and yellow chest cord. Has a large "C" on his collar, the Spanish War Campaign medal and a regimental medal. His garrison hat has a yellow side band and crossed sabers insignia. $ 75.00
SALE $50.00
Infantry Corporal and Private in a 1906 dated 3 1/2"x 5 1/2" Photograph.

  They wear the 5 button blouse (Cpl. has the small "02" chevron) and plain blue garrison caps with Infantry insignia on front. Postmarked "Jun 30 10:30 PM'06 Meriden, Conn.". Addressed to "Mr. Harry E. Jones, Morris Cove, Conn." and "Bohemia Cottage".   $ 35.00
SALE $28.00
Identified Cabinet Photograph, Circa 1905 Identified on back in pencil and ink "Benjyman Rusnak Yonkers New York." Of the 13th U.S. Infantry. He wears a dress uniform and sits in front of his open locker with a clear view of contents, including a fringed cloth hanging from top shelf. With various insignia, badges, medals, etc. pinned to it. Approx. 5 7/8" x 8 7/8" in size. $ 60.00
SALE $45.00
Cabinet Photograph
of Pre WWI Infantry Soldier
He wears the undress jacket of blue wool with black mohair trim. Cap has Infantry "hunting" horn with "8" inside. Taken by H. Schoena, 18 Third St. San Francisco, Cal." $ 25.00
SALE $20.00
Large 1902 Silver tone Photograph of a Group of Nine Officer's and a Civilian Shows nine U.S. Army Officer's and a civilian. All wear the dress uniform, including a Brig. General. it appears to be a general and his staff. Approx. 17" x 22", taken in Nashua, N.H. Corner or board missing, no harm to photograph. $ 50.00
SALE $40.00
3" x 5" Photograph
of a 1902 Cavalry
Wearing the tan duck field uniform with tan duck cap with crossed sabers. $ 40.00
SALE $30.00
Period Photograph
of a 65th N.Y. Infantry Private
A 3" x 5" photograph of a private in the 65th N.Y. Inf. He wears the dress uniform with breast cord. $ 30.00
SALE $24.00
1902 Photograph of Kitchen Police Identified on back as Kitchen police, Fort Rodman, 1902. Image 3 1/4" square. Image hand tinted to add color.  Boxes in image are marked "Co D 1st Regt Infantry MVM" and "D Battery First Heavy Artillery M.V.M." SALE $ 35.00

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