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P 4316

Ordnance Marked
Measuring Caliper

Leather measuring caliper by the "Woburn Machine Co. Model No. 2". 0-120 ozs., 0-10 mm thickness on the measuring scale. Also marked "ORD DEPT USA".


Tole Tin Locking
Cash/Document Box
Black and gold paint with red stripe locking box (no key). Approximately 8" x 5.5" x 3.25" oveerall. $ 60.00
SALE $40.00
U.S. Cavalry
Patton Saber Carrier
for Saddle
Leather, marked "John Leckie & Co. John Kent Sole Representative Mexico City 96" and "Leckie/London". Leckie & Co. exported saddlery and other leather goods. John Kent operated a livery stable in Mexico City. $ 8085.00
SALE $70.00
Officer's Tassel for
Military Hospital
Gold bullion tassel with loop. Hung on the officer's uniform coat button to indicated he was a patient in a military hospital. Approx. 7" in length from loop to bottom of tassel. $95.00
SALE $ 75.00

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