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World War I
Nurses Hat
Made from white gauze like material. triangle shaped with wide hemmed edge approx. 24" wide. Image shows it folded in half. Came with a nurse's uniform sold in catalog. SALE $35.00
Spanish American
War Gauze Box
For "Green's Absorbent Gauze- Five Yards- Sterilized Aseptic- Cut in 6 inch lengths Folded. Prepared for Benjamin Green Apothecary Portsmouth, N.H." Original white pasteboard box, 3"x 3" x 6", sealed with printed label and original contents. $ 50.00
Civil War Phlebotomy Knife (Fleem) Three steel knives in brass frame. Used to bleed patient, a popular treatment of the period, which killed more people than bullets. See Dammon I pg. 38. Marked "US" on the brass frame. $ 95.00
SALE $ 75.00
Civil War Period Adhesive Plaster Tube Packet picture unavailable "Family and Surgeon's Adhesive Plaster on Silk, Made by Ilah Littlefield of Boston." Complete with contents, these items were usually used up and seldom survived. $ 75.00
Civil War Medical Feeder White china, with long narrow spout. Used to feed broth and soups, as well as liquid medicine to weal patients in the hospitals. See Civil War Medical Instruments Vol. I pg.74. $ 65.00
Civil War Period
Surgeon's Amputation
Saw Blade
This was inserted into a wooden handle and used in the amputation of limbs. Steel, 8" long, notched for attachment to handle, fine tooth. Dirty but will clean to dine condition. $ 125.00
SALE $100.00
Indian Wars Period
Amputation Saw Handle
Marked "US" on the grip. Nickel plated steel, approx. 9" long. Made to take a steel saw blade. Saw used in battlefield amputations. $ 85.00
SALE $75.00
Civil War Period Labeled Davidson Medical Syringe Box No. 2 and Syringe

larger image unavailable, same as one above except label different, large No. 2 in center.
Papier mache box with label inside cover "No. 2 The Davidson Syringe, Patented March 31, 1857. Reissued April 25, 1865. Extended. Patented Sept. 11, 1866. Manufactured by the Davidson Rubber Company, Boston, Mass." With directions for use. Syringe, gutta purcha, 6 3/8" closed, 8 5/8" open. $ 150.00
Spanish American U.S. Army Medical Feeder with Geneva (Maltese) Cross Insignia China, with maker's imprint on bottom. Bowl approx. 2"h x 4"diam. overall. Has red and white Geneva (Maltese) cross on top, behind feeder spout. $ 85.00
SALE $70.00
Spanish American War Medical Feeder Used to feed soldiers broth, gruel, medicines, etc. Similar to those shown in Civil War Encyclopedia Vols. Marked "Made in Japan" on bottom. 7" long. $ 60.00
SALE $ 48.00

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